Spring Cleaning

Kick Off Spring Cleaning Season With Our 31-Day Challenge

A month's worth of totally doable ideas for tidying up your home.

March  1, 2023
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March has arrived, which means spring is officially right around the corner (even if it was snowing in Southern California a few days ago). Like always, we're looking forward to alllll the culinary delights that accompany the season: herby green pastas, zippy-zesty salads, and classic carrot cake.

It's also everyone's favorite time of year to tackle cleaning projects. We're leaning into spring cleaning season with a 31-day (very low-pressure) challenge of ideas, big and small, for tidying up around the house. We're calling it a challenge, but there's no winning or losing here—crossing just one of these tasks off your list is a spring cleaning success in our book.

Ready, set, start your vacuums...

Day 1

If you've got about five minutes, then you can easily tackle the first day's task: cleaning out a single drawer (everyone's got at least one filled with random junk). Start by emptying the whole drawer out, then stick to a few simple steps to get it organized in no time.

Day 2

The secret to a better-smelling kitchen starts with your trash can—nope, not what's in the trash can, but the trash can itself. Give it a speedy clean in the bath tub or backyard using dish soap and let dry before adding a fresh bag.

Day 3

A spot in your home that you might be forgetting to clean? The baseboards. Often covered in a layer of dust, baseboards tend to be neglected and can make a big difference in the feel of a room after being given a once-over with a duster attachment and a microfiber cloth dipped in soapy water.

Day 4

Consider this your sign to deep clean your coffee maker (it's probably time), then make a big batch of our most popular coffee recipe that's as magical as the name implies. Your future self will thank you come morning.

Day 5

Give your houseplants some extra shine by gently running a dry microfiber cloth over both sides of the leaves; if they're in need of extra TLC, try dampening the cloth with a little water first.

Day 6

We've discovered many useful tricks on TikTok—and this recent couch-cleaning hack involving a pan lid and a laundry detergent pod is no exception. Use it to freshen up your couch in about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Day 7

Day seven—deep-cleaning your stove—is a bit of a bigger lift, but oh-so worth it. This step-by-step guide covers everything you need to know, with specific tips for every type of of stovetop. When you're all done, keep the area nice and sparkling by treating yourself to takeout.

Day 8

Have you ever cleaned your shower head? If not, today's the day. All you need is a gallon-size zip-top bag, white vinegar, baking soda, a rubber band or sturdy twist tie, a soft cloth, and a toothbrush.

Day 9

A quick-as-can-be task to make your kitchen feel that much fresher? Cleaning your microwave. Use the power of steam to get it done in five minutes.

Day 10

Raise your hand if you've never cleaned your laundry machine. (Yep, we're raising ours.) Here's how—and why—you should every month, starting today.

Day 11

With winter in the rear view mirror, now's a great time to pack up all those cold-weather coats and sweaters until next season—here's how to store 'em the right way.

Day 12

A surefire way to make your tiled spaces sparkle: Clean the grout. After a bit of scrubbing, trial, and error, our editor narrowed down the best grout cleaners you can buy.

Day 13

When talking about the best way to clean pots and pans, we usually focus on the cooking surface. But the other side gets dirty, too. Consider dedicating this day to cleaning the bottom of your cookware so it is equally as sparkling.

Day 14

Even the most powerful vacuums won't get up all the dust, dirt, and general grime lingering on your floors. Give 'em a good clean today with this complete guide to every type of surface, from shag carpet to hardwood.

Day 15

If your spice cabinet could use a little, well, organization, this how-to has you covered—and is sure to set you up for cooking and baking success (no more digging around for that jar of garlic powder).

Day 16

A spa treatment for your sink? Yep. This speedy process will have your sinks, from the kitchen to bathroom, looking and smelling good as new.

Day 17

Speaking of sinks, it's probably time to toss your kitchen sponge (trying to clean it actually makes things worse) and swap it with a new one.

Day 18

Make this three-ingredient, DIY all-purpose cleaner in 60 seconds, then wipe down any surface that could use a little touch up. For a more sustainable alternative to paper towels, consider these compostable cleaning cloths.

Day 19

If your cast-iron skillet's starting to look a bit dull or rusty, or perhaps is losing its non-stick magic, clean and season it using our trusty guide. But whatever you do, don't (don't!) run it through the dishwasher.

Day 20

When you let in that warm spring air, you might also be letting in dust and debris. An easy fix? Brush up your window screens with this handy how-to.

Day 21

We use our mattresses every night, yet we hardly ever clean them. Here's how (it makes a great weekend project). Bonus: Deep-cleaning your mattress can actually improve sleep.

Day 22

A super-quick lighting hack that'll make any room feel lighter and brighter: clean your lightbulbs. Make it a part of your monthly routine starting...today!

Day 23

You're just five minutes away from a shipshape fridge. (Promise.) Once it's organized, whip up a batch of this very popular Miso Mushroom Pasta.

Day 24

Give your windows some extra TLC with this guide to streak-free cleaning—it's a bit of work to do it right, but the results are clear as day.

Day 25

Lining your shelves is a relatively easy way to keep cabinets around the house, especially in the kitchen, safe from stains and spills. Plus, you can DIY 'em using recycled paper.

Day 26

No matter how careful you are, the walls around your house are bound to get scuffed over time, especially around high-traffic areas, like doorways. Here are three ways to get rid of scuffs in a cinch, including DIY options.

Day 27

A wooden cutting board is a kitchen workhorse. It's relatively low maintenance, but you'll want to deep clean it every few months (why not today?) with kosher salt, half of a lemon, some mineral oil, and two tea towels.

Day 28

Fact: Touch screens are germ magnets. Here's how to clean 'em, plus tips for all the other screens in your home.

Day 29

If your closet's looking a little (or a lot, we won't judge) disheveled, getting it spick and span makes a great weekend project—our nifty folding handbook is here to help you get started.

Day 30

While not a cleaning task, spring's a great time to green up your routine at home. A small change that can make a big impact? Composting. It's easy as can be, not to mention, great for the environment.

Day 31

We all know that smells (good and bad) can be powerful stuff. Complete your space—we bet it's looking and feeling pretty great at this point—with a signature scent, depending on the vibe you're feeling. Think: calming lavender, rejuvenating citrus, and more. If you're not into a DIY project, treat yourself to a fancy new candle.

How are you spring cleaning this season? Tell us in the comments!
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LS March 20, 2023
This list is amazing! I love how it is more specific and detailed than other lists I have seen. One thing that would be great is to have a printable form. I will also be adding buying flowers on day 31!