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5 Spring-Cleaning Favorites Our Community Loves

From latex gloves to laundry detergent, and beyond.

March 23, 2023
Photo by Rocky Luten

As we all know, springtime is synonymous with sprucing up and refreshing your space. Cobwebs are dusted, windows are opened, and rugs are shaken out in order to get your home ready for the longer days and warmer weather.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, we took a look at what our Community (you all!) relies on for cleaning, laundry, and generally keeping your home in shape. Here are our top-five Shop favorites and the top-rated reviews for each.

Quotes have been edited for grammar and clarity.

Photo by Rocky Luten

1. Latex-Free Cleaning & Dishwashing Gloves (Set of 2), $29

“These gloves are comfortable and durable, and I am able to wash dishes in hot water without feeling anything. I've used bleach (diluted with water) to clean my countertops and I have no issues with the gloves. They are a bit pricey, but if you're like me and you use gloves for all your house cleaning needs and you're allergic to latex, the value outweighs the cost. They last a long time and you get a set of two.” – Irma

“I've used these gloves in the past and love them. They hold up well, protect my hands, and are very flexible and super comfortable.” – Loonlake

“Certainly way more than the quality I am used to with 'regular' gloves. Easy to put on and remove, too. Looking forward to using them a long time—one pair for dishes, one pair for cleaning.” – Maurice N.

Photo by James Ransom

2. Steamery Laundry Detergent, $27

“This is the 2nd or 3rd time I am ordering this. It really works to keep my whites white without harsh chemicals.” – Makduda

“I wear black clothes all the time. This is one of the detergents which does not fade my clothes. And it smells divine.” – Bazarette

“I love this detergent. My wash smells SO so good! It's slightly expensive but worth every penny. I'm on my third bottle. I like all the others too: white, colors, all of them. And they look beautiful in my laundry room!” – Brett F.

Photo by Rocky Luten

3. HangOn Clothes Drying Rack, $75+

“Great design. It's already put together, so you just need to set it up and start drying. Sturdy but lightweight too. Very happy with it and happy to be doing a tiny bit to help the environment.” – Michele F.

“I got this to replace my traditional folding wooden drying rack. I love the versatility and size (Lg). Much sturdier than my previous and can adjust as needed for my drying needs.” – Amy L.

“There is a lot to like about this rack. I bought it for the ability to hang clothes on hangers to dry. When unfolded, it is quite large and you need space. However, it folds down quite small, which makes storage easy. It’s also fairly customizable—you don’t need to put up the hanging rod unless you want it and you also don’t need to put up both sides. Clothes dry nicely on it and I’m pleased by the purchase, especially since it feels sturdy.” – Rachel B.

Photo by Ty Mecham

4. Uashmama Modular Snap & Separate Laundry Bags, $89+

“I like that these are light, easy to carry (hooray handles!), and makes it easy to separate whites and darks.” – Jeanome

“A little pricey, so I held off on buying them for over a year. But I could not find a better solution to fit in my small laundry closet. I have three bags clipped together. If I need to use one to put clean clothes away, I unsnap it, fill it with clothes, then return it to the closet and snap them back together when I’m done. A very stylish laundry system. And they are made of recycled paper and so feel like stiff cloth and are free-standing, even when empty.” – Jen B.

“I love these laundry bags, they fit perfectly into my closet and make it easy to transport laundry down to the washer and back up!” – Nicole C.

Photo by MAWA

5. European Space-Saving Hangers, $20+

“Somehow these elegant hangers enable me to drape pants over the rod without a crease forming (which saves ironing). Turns out the rod can be spared because the rod is itself spare!” – Ellen K.

“I love well-made sweaters and I also knit myself, and these hangers are the best I’ve found for my expensive and precious knitwear. They hold the sweaters in place and don’t leave those frustrating bumps at the shoulder like most other hangers. Get these hangers for your delicate and beautiful sweaters!!” – Janice B.

“These are perfect. Some online reviews state they are 'backwards' because the reviewer thinks the opening should face outwards. The style of these hangers keeps my closet looking organized and neat. Plus, the depth from the rod means that there is now extra space on the closet floor.” – Joleen B.

What are you spring-cleaning staples? Let us know below!

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