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This Outdoor Food Tent Is the Summer Essential You Didn't Know You Needed

Protecting your food from sand, dirt, and bugs just got a whole lot easier.

June  9, 2023
Photo by Rocky Luten

If you're unfamiliar with the irritating experience of having sand or dirt kicked into your food at a park or the beach, well, we're jealous. There you are, about to take your first bite, only to realize your meal was recently seasoned with a bit of nature. Instead of salt and pepper, you now have dust and a little bit of dirt sprinkled on top—it's a devastating reality of outdoor dining. Every great thing is bound to have its faults. (Are we being a touch dramatic? Perhaps. However, taste the unwanted crunch of sand in your potato salad or muffaletta one too many times and you'll start singing a different tune.)

If you're like us and are desperate to avoid that earthy addition to your meals, you'll want to consider the collapsible food tent our community loves.

This handmade, fair-trade food tent is designed to protect any plate from the aforementioned debris, along with bugs and other critters that might be interested in stealing a bite of your dinner. With its compact, collapsible design, it's easy to bring to any park picnic, campsite, beach, or pool party. Basically, if you're eating outside, it has you covered.

Each tent is crafted by expert weavers in the Philippines—meaning each purchase helps support the basketry cottage industry—and is made from Sinamay (Abaca fiber), which is often used to make sun hats, instead of plastic.

With its chic appearance, environmentally friendly design, and utility, we're not surprised this unsuspecting tent is a best-selling community favorite. One Food52er claims it surpassed their expectations: “My new food tent is so much more than I expected. I labored over my decision to purchase this item due to the cost and not seeing it in person. It is wonderful! The size, color, and construction are ideal. Worth every penny.” Another shared one of its many bonus features: “Not only does this tent look really lovely over a bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables on my counter, but it keeps my cats from being able to knock them down on the floor when I’m not looking!” And now that summer entertaining season is getting into full swing, we expect the rave reviews will keep coming in.

The Handmade Collapsible Woven Food Tent comes as a set of two, is available in small or large—or as a mixed pair—and has two neutral shades to choose from.

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