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I Put This 2-in-1 Pan to the Test—Here’s How It Went

Plus, four ways to use it.

July 26, 2023
Photo by Julia Gartland

Usually, I prefer kitchen tools that have one purpose or function. You know, something that has a single focus that it nails every time: a great Dutch oven, a decades-old cast-iron skillet—you get the idea. So, when I was tasked with testing Staub’s Cast-Iron 2-in-1 Grill Pan & Cocotte, I was skeptical. It’s a beautiful pan that’s clearly sturdy and designed to last, but I wasn’t convinced that it could do anything a skillet (or two) couldn’t.

First, I tested out the grill pan. I figured using it to char halved fairy tale eggplants would be a good trial. After a few minutes, the pan had imparted the veg with impressive, defined grill marks and a smoky flavor. Next, I used the cocotte to make a quick, spicy tomato sauce flavored with garlic and Calabrian chiles. I threw the charred eggplant halves into the sauce, brought the whole thing up to a simmer, and let it cook until the eggplant was fall-apart tender. Served with crispy-skinned seared salmon (also cooked in the Staub pan!) and rice, I was surprised by how simple—yet elegant—the meal was.

After my initial success, I started to think of other ways I could incorporate this pan into my daily cooking routines, especially in cases where both parts of the pan—the grill and the cast-iron cocotte—could be of use. Yes, you could make most of these recipes using some combination of a cast-iron skillet, grill pan, and braiser—but it doesn’t hurt that this one pan does it all (and is compact and easy to store, too). Keep reading for the five recipes I can’t wait to make in my 2-in-1 Grill Pan & Cocotte.

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1. Grilled Cheese + Tomato Soup

It’s a perfect combination for quick lunches and weeknight dinners alike. Use the grill pan to make your sandwich, and make (or, let’s be real, reheat) your soup in the cocotte.

2. Grilled Protein + Taco Shells

Grilled shrimp and pineapple are the ideal taco filling, especially when paired with a just-fried, crispy taco shell.

3. Burgers + Caramelized Onions

Burger patties and grill pans are a natural pairing, and if I’m making burgers, chances are I’m also making caramelized onions—ideally in the enameled cast-iron cocotte.

4. Toast + Something Saucy

Whether you’re making shakshuka, brothy beans, or a French fish stew, you’ll want to have toasted baguette or sourdough on hand for dipping and dunking.

How would you use this 2-in-1 pan? Share in the comments!

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Anabelle Doliner

Written by: Anabelle Doliner

Staff Editor