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January  5, 2012


tandoori Chicken Sausage

Tandoori Chicken Sausage by VivekS tested and photographed by Kitchen Solo

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  • Helen's All Night Diner
    Helen's All Night Diner
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Written by: victoriaspencer


Helen's A. January 6, 2012
Congratulations everyone! I'm looking forward to trying these all very soon.
inpatskitchen January 5, 2012
Congrats to all and a special thanks to Helen's All Night Diner for the lovely review of my pate
aargersi January 5, 2012
Congrats to all and thanks to Rural Eating - cooking the onions in the bacon fat instead is an EXCELLENT idea and you are right - it makes a short ton of pate. But then, some folks in our gang can eat about 1/4 of the batch in one sitting. It's a little scary really :-)
hardlikearmour January 5, 2012
Congrats to all! Gorgeous photo, by Kitchen Solo, too.