Minimally Invasive

January 29, 2012

Minimally Invasive  Short Rib Ragu


Minimally Invasive. Sounds like a medical term, right? Nope. Minimally Invasive is one of our very own: a creative, bold, and talented cook, a graphic designer, photographer, and “weekend warrior” in the kitchen. As she tells us on her FOOD52 profile page, she tries to eat mostly meatless (she’s minimally invasive!) -- but then again, she really enjoys “a good burger or a rich bit of pork.” We are so on the same page. And how could we not? Minimally Invasive’s photographs are so enticing, so gorgeous, that we can’t help but ogle. And then start planning our next grocery list to try to recreate them ourselves.

It’s clear that Minimally Invasive’s style of eating is carried on right into her kitchen adventures. She’s got her fair share of wonderful vegetarian recipes: Spicy Mushroom Soup, Triple Garlic Pizza, Grilled Potato Rounds with Pesto and Shaved Asparagus. But then – but then! – comes the meat. And oh, that meat is good. Her Short Rib Ragu (pictured above) gets us weak in the knees. Her Smoked Corn Chowder with Crispy Duck Skin is, well, pretty much genius. With Minimally Invasive weekend-warrior-ing in the kitchen, we know we’ll be eating well – minimally invasive-ly. 


Read our profile Q&A with Minimally Invasive below, and check out her beautiful blog here.

  • What's the strangest food you've ever eaten?
    I don't really consider it strange (though others do), but I'm a big fan of tongue, blood boudin and turtle meat.

  • What do you cook when home alone?
    Brussels sprouts when I can find them, mostly because I can't have them when my husband's around.

  • Your most treasured kitchen possession:
    My stainless steel table, which more than doubled the counter space in our poorly-designed kitchen.

  • The ideal number of guests for a dinner party is:
    Six? I don't know; I don't entertain as often as I'd like.



Giggles February 15, 2012
I'm new here and I'm excited to get to know you and try some of your recipes! BTW, I love tongue too!
jenniebgood February 7, 2012
Hi MI - I made your Short Rib Ragu for the Superbowl this past weekend - it was such a fantastic dish and got great reviews from my family! Thanks for an inspiring dish. Oh - I just noticed you have a blog! Signing off to check it out!
Panfusine January 31, 2012
Congrats on the spotlight.. That is a GORGEOUS blog you have there! <br />
fiveandspice January 31, 2012
Great to see you in the spotlight MI! Your blog is really beautiful!
aargersi January 31, 2012
That corn chowder is out of this world! Great spotlight!
mrslarkin January 31, 2012
so nice to see you in the spotlight, MI!
calendargirl January 30, 2012
Congrats, Minimally Invasive! Your blog is beautiful, and not only did I notice the pecans on that astonishing cake, but the LIGHT in all of your photos! Wonderful.
lastnightsdinner January 30, 2012
Whoo hoo! One of my absolute favorites :)