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December  4, 2009

Starting at midnight on Sunday, you'll be able to submit recipes for:

Your Best Holiday Punch

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Your Best Edible Gift


aargersi December 7, 2009
I can't wait to see, and USE, everyone's gift ideas!!!
Maria T. December 5, 2009
Maria, thanks so much for the explanation, had no idea what punch was so I thought maybe food 52 was going to start a boxing contest! Ok, so punch it will be, thanks to your explanation. Have a wonderful week.
Merrill S. December 5, 2009
Sorry we didn't answer your question sooner! Thank goodness for Maria R!
mariaraynal December 5, 2009
Maria Teresa, punch is a drink that's traditionally served in a large communal bowl at parties, and you scoop it out with a ladle into small cups. You can make it with or without alcohol, and it typically incorporates fruit juices and sliced fruit.
Maria T. December 5, 2009
Sorry, can someone tell me what a Holiday Punch is? Not jocking, I'm not familiar with American terms. have a great week everyone.
lastnightsdinner December 4, 2009
Oh, the video for the punch finalists is gonna be a hoot ;)
Merrill S. December 5, 2009
You read our minds...