Welcome to Feed52!

Have you ever wished there was even more new content to read when you visit FOOD52 in the middle of a workday? Do you still long for the days of Fran and Shelley's Food News before they took a (much-deserved!) break?

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Then you'll love Feed52! Every weekday, we'll be publishing our favorite links from around the web, peeking into the lives of our fabulous friends and contributors, writing short articles on vegetables we love and tips for the kitchen, and more.

What do you want to see in Feed52? Let us know -- and we're so happy you're joining us for the ride!


sstiavetti March 12, 2012
Is there a link to this feed, or is it not a real feed? Would love to add it to my RSS reader. :)
mrslarkin March 7, 2012
great addition! would love to see an article featuring the current contest theme's ingredients, celery.
wssmom March 7, 2012
Looking forward to this new feature!