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Down & Dirty: Tiny Citrus

Down & Dirty: Tiny Citrus

Last week, we talked all about citrus, from simple navel oranges to elegant bergamots. Today we're scaling down to talk about a whole range of tiny citruses, from the quotidian (lemons and limes -- what's the difference between them, again?) to the fantastical (calamondins). Pucker up and get ready -- we have so much to cover!


Down & Dirty: Citrus

Citrus are winter's glory, the bright spot of sunshine amongst a cellar's worth of dirt-covered root vegetables. There's a fantastically wide array of them, too -- so many that we're taking two weeks to cover them all. Stay tuned for tiny citrus next Friday, because today it's all about the big guns: orange clones, grapefruit's meaty predecessor, hard-to-find Bergamot, and everything in between. (Bonus points if you correctly identify all 8 varieties in the above photo. No peeking!)

Down & Dirty: Turnips and Rutabagas

We'll be focusing on more glamorous cold-weather produce in the coming weeks -- citrus, anyone? -- but today it's all about winter's root vegetable workhorses. Turnips and rutabagas are both in the brassica family (along with broccoli and cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and more) and are as hardy as root vegetables can be -- although telling them apart can be tricky!

Down & Dirty: Quince

It seems so obvious that quinces are close cousins to apples and pears -- that is, until you bite into one. Astringent and sweetly bitter (very similar to persimmons, in fact), they're not easy to love. But with proper handling, some seed-saving, and the right recipes, you'll be stocking up on quinces all winter long.

Down & Dirty: Winter Squash

Down & Dirty: Winter Squash

Down & Dirty: Persimmons

Down & Dirty: Persimmons

Down & Dirty: Potatoes

Down & Dirty: Potatoes

Down & Dirty: Cranberries

Down & Dirty: Cranberries

Down & Dirty: Brussels Sprouts

Down & Dirty: Brussels Sprouts

Down & Dirty: Sweet Potatoes and Yams

Down & Dirty: Sweet Potatoes and Yams

Down & Dirty: Kohlrabi

Down & Dirty: Kohlrabi

Down & Dirty: Dark Leafy Greens

Down & Dirty: Dark Leafy Greens

Michael Cirino of A Razor, A Shiny Knife

Michael Cirino of A Razor, A Shiny Knife

Down & Dirty: Pears

Down & Dirty: Pears

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