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The Tiniest Kitchen

March 15, 2012

We'll be featuring some of our favorite food blogs here on Feed52 -- today we're looking at Just 5 More Minutes with our Airstream, a blog by Monica Bennett about her family's travels in their 25-foot Airstream, which they take along behind their truck on adventures all over the country.

If you can believe it, Monica cooked this Celeriac Soup:

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In this little thing -- see more photos here:

The blog's recipes are often built around the family's CSA box, as they use up every vegetable during their travels. Monica claims that she prefers her Airstream kitchen to any other!

I absolutely adore this kitchen, sometimes I will even cook in it when the Airstream is at home. Why? The generous countertops, big double sinks, the abundant storage, the three range gas cooktop and my handy little oven with an awesome broiler (with real flames!). Plus clean up is a breeze. What I love about our Airstream's kitchen is that everything has it's place so there is no need to store/keep things all over your countertops. Everything is literally right at your fingertips. 

From the stunning photography of America's outdoors as well as her mouthwatering recipes, we think Just 5 More Minutes with our Airstream is fantastic! Whether you're in a New York shoebox kitchen or have the expansive cooking space of your dreams, reading about this tiny kitchen and the meals that come out of it is a treat.

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Monica B. March 16, 2012
Thank you!!
SKK March 15, 2012
Have wanted an Airstream for years, and will have one soon. Love small kitchens like this when traveling. The recipes look great!