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April 27, 2012

We can't tell you much about French Cuisse. Its author, William Matthew Valle, is a 19-year-old kid studying restaurant management in Montreal, but his blog is intruigingly spare of any of other identifying details. "Spare" is what he does, though, and with tremendous success. He photographs each thoughtfully arranged dish against a white backdrop, breaking from his minimalist pallete only for the occasional cutting board or cast iron skillet. Fortunately, the technique let's his food shine: sections of glistening, umber chicken, brightly freckled with herbs, candied orange slices, porcelain-like spills of egg yolk, and that's just the beginning!

Before you dimiss Mr. Cuisse as eye candy for the purely aspirational, though, take a second glance. You'll notice how downright simple most of these meals are. A few pieces of chicken, a lemon, and some flour? Hello, fried chicken! Ditto to the berries, spices, egg, and bread that magically collide to become french toast. And don't even get us started on these.

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LE B. May 1, 2012
Am i crazy or is there no text/only photos (w/ i.d.) on this blog? So you think it's worthwhile because of the photos?