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Play With Your Food: Meet Wobble Bowls!

May  4, 2012

What's a Wobble Bowl? Aside from being fun to say, these nifty, all-purpose, brightly colored bowls are pretty fun to play with. Yep! A Wobble Bowl is meant to rock, tip, and twirl, but its low center of gravity means that your cereal or salad will never be in danger of spilling. Who knew that dishware could dance? 

Ceramics artist Jessie Andersen designed the pieces to bring a little childlike play back to the dinner table, but their unexpectedly popular reception has had her churning them out for art shows and design stores ever since. Determined not to relegate them to the display case (and also to get a little bit of her day-to-day back for designing new things), she's launched a Kickstarter project to help produce a larger run.  "I want to give you something you'll love," she writes in her project description. "Something unexpected, something that will make you feel happiness when you do one of those everyday things you don't even think about." 

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Although the basic bowl is available beginning at a $35 pledge level, we're kind of intrigued by what's on offer for $20: A "Mystery Box," containing a surprise ceramic piece. ("It could be a ceramic pot pie!") Color us fans!

Wobble Bowls by Speechless Studios from Kickstarter

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