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May  7, 2012

It's not just the inventive recipes and the colorful, step-by-step photography that has us loving Sarah Britton's popular food blog, My New Roots. It's her conversational approach (she addresses readers like they're old friends, teaching them while sharing something special), her thoughtful selection of the healthiest ingredients, her Quinoa Spring Sushi, her whole darn life. Every recipe is a chance to share a story, in fact, and many of her dishes draw direct inspiration from her experiences. In a post for Orange Blossom Sesame Cake, her recollections rest easily alongside her ingredients:

"The highlights of my trip have now turned into the most recent highlight from my oven. The cake's orange blossom water and oranges were inspired, of course, by the miles and miles of citrus groves we passed (and one I actually got to indulge in); the sesame seeds that I bought from a little granny selling produce from her garden; the honey from the countless hives we saw; and the pistachios that I enjoyed in many pieces of baklava. So really, this is an orange-blossom-sesame-tahini-honey-pistachio cake, but that title wouldn't fit in the header."

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The easy banter makes it easy to feel inspired. Of course we want to make Sexy Spring Rolls and Spring Spirit Polenta, we smile just saying their names. Plus, as a working holistic nutritionist, Sarah can tell us not only what we should eat, but why. In that polenta recipe, she extolls the virtues of carotenoid-packed cornmeal, explaing how they're powerful antioxidants that will protect us from free radicals. She also discusses the medicinal properities of wild leeks in an incredible post for Totally Wild Leek Pesto (it's the Totally we love most). 

All in all, in our often-meaty, frequently donut-obsessed, occasionally-unable-to-resist-processed-food lives, it's nice to have a reminder that eating good is simple, rewarding, and (above all) flippin' delicious. 



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Cassie loves to cook, eat, and then write about it. She can't resist anything with sweet potatoes, but if she had to pick one food for the rest of her life it might be avocado. (She changes her mind a lot.) She also believes that anything will taste better on a tortilla, and that tacos are the premier food of summertime. You can catch her reading Calvin & Hobbes on the stoop of her apartment, or on the roof in her garden. Say hello!


Anne A. May 10, 2012
I fell head-over-heels in love with My New Roots a few months ago, spending the better part of an entire day reading every single post. It's probably one of the most inspiring and entertaining food blogs I've come across in awhile, and I just love the way Sarah doles out nutrition advice and information in a fun, easy-to-digest way. I've made many recipes- my favorites are her miso sauce for orange-glazed carrots and black bean cookies; best of all, her food has inspired me to get more creative with wholesome ingredients. Can't say enough about My New Roots! Love!
Sarah B. May 10, 2012
WOW! Thank you so much for your kind words - I am truly touched.

Love, Sarah B
testkitchenette May 7, 2012
Love it too! Be sure to check out Amy Chaplin's http://www.coconutandquinoa.com/. She is amazing as well and such an inspiration for me!
gourmettenyc May 7, 2012
My New Roots is one of my favorite blogs! If it isn't already on your list of frequently read blogs, it most definitely should be. Thanks for sharing cassiem.
cassiem May 7, 2012
Agreed! I love it so much; it's the best for getting me out of recipe ruts, when I've been making theexactsame eggplant for nine days straight. (This happens surprisingly often, ha.)