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December 25, 2009

Starting Sunday at midnight, you can submit recipes for Your Best Recipe for Beans and Your Best New Year's Resolution Dish.

See what other Food52 readers are saying.

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    Merrill Stubbs
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pierino December 30, 2009
Definitely on my resolution roster: yesterday I had lunch at Bar Pintxo in Santa Monica and I witnessed something I've never seen before. They have an open kitchen and the chef was trussing a live lobster to a wooden spoon. The idea is apparently to keep the tail rigid during the boiling ritual. It was like a crucifixion scene. I've trussed many animal parts but never a living one. I have to try this in 2010.
Rhonda35 December 30, 2009
Can I submit or am I still designated to the lowly "family" status?! My New Year's Resolution recipe is going to be gougeres, which have always intimidated me and I am going to tackle that "fear" today.
Merrill S. December 30, 2009
Of course you can submit. We have nothing against family and friends as long as the recipes are great!
pierino December 30, 2009
I like the gougeres idea myself. I think I'll add that to my own list, using maybe a really strong Valdeon cheese.
pierino December 28, 2009
I'm also hoping that someone will come up with a great cassoulet recipe (lots of duck fat, garlic sausage etc.). I'd write one but I'm in capon obsession mode.
lastnightsdinner December 28, 2009
Paging Mrs. Wheelbarrow...
testkitchenette December 28, 2009
I submitted and pushed a button on my mini laptop and everything disappeared! Better luck tomorrow! I received my goody box from OXO just in time for the holidays and THANK YOU Amanda, Merrill, and OXO. I have always wanted a ricer!
Merrill S. December 29, 2009
Oh no! How frustrating. Hope the ricer soothed you somewhat...
pierino December 30, 2009
I'm not sure what button causes this but that's happened to me as well. I think it might be accidentally brushing the "enter" key or something.
Lizthechef December 27, 2009
I would love to know what you mean by "new year's resolution dish"! I'm thinking eating for good health/yada yada. But I grew up in PA Dutch country - somehow pork and sauerkraut don't seem a match here. Is it a resolution you think about on New Year's while eating these familiar seasonal dishes or what you might eat as a result of the resolution? Maybe I have eaten too many cookies...
Merrill S. December 27, 2009
This one is open to interpretation. We're looking for dishes that are inspired by your New Year's resolutions, but your submission doesn't necessarily have to be "healthy" -- could be something challenging or new, or something you really want to perfect. It's up to you!
Loves F. December 29, 2009
Pork is totally a great New Years Resolution food! My parents always prepared pork for New Years and never chicken, because pigs move forward, representing progress (moving forward into the new year) and chickens scratch backward (don't move backwards or dwell on the past)! Liz, if your resolution is to move forward into a great new year of progress and growth, I say go for the pork and sauerkraut recipes!! Yum!
pierino December 26, 2009
I love this challenge because I always keep my resolutions. But will lentils count in the bean category as traditional New Years fare?
Merrill S. December 26, 2009
Yes, lentils count!
pierino December 26, 2009
Very cool, and I'm looking forward to another cook offering up a Hoppin' John. Mine ain't so good as I would like, but my red beans do rock.