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January  1, 2010

Starting Sunday at midnight, you can submit recipes for Your Best Couscous Dish and Your Best Way to Cook a Whole Fish.


pierino January 2, 2010
I have a jar of m'hamsa sitting next to me right now (Paula Wolfert thinks we should roll our own; ha!). Whole fish? I'm expecting (hoping) that Mother Teresa Jorge is going to offer us some grilled sardines, Portugal style. I won't have time to test that one myself before deadline.
lastnightsdinner January 2, 2010
Okay, I just snarfed about 8 bucks worth of good bourbon all over my keyboard laughing, Pierino. Thanks ;)<br /><br />Do you think America is truly ready for some great sardine dishes (not to mention other oily fishes)? I'm not so sure - I adore them, but I think for many they're still a challenge, so I passed them up at the market today. Maybe I should reconsider.
AntoniaJames January 2, 2010
Bring those oily fish dishes on!! (I've loved them since I was a baby. According to my mother, I liked eating the fish catfood (canned) out of the bowl on the floor. The pediatrician assured her that it was okay, and probably explained why my hair was so shiny . . . .)
Amanda H. January 2, 2010
Funny because just today I was just deciding whether or not to put a marinated and grilled sardine recipe in a cookbook. I ended up going for it.
pierino January 2, 2010
Gopher it please. I love fish in tins, as do my chef friends. It has to be the right fishy in the proper tin. Let's say tuna As do Mar? But sardine-wise, shamless plug for Cannery Row Sardine Co. <br /> <br />But one of my standards is canned tuna, capers, chopped anchovy, tomato blah, blah.... with long pasta shape
Elycooks January 3, 2010
Love oily fishes. If not Food52, then when/where? Bring it!