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January 15, 2010

Starting Sunday at midnight, you can submit recipes for Your Best Baked Pasta and Your Best "Nose to Tail" Recipe. (You asked for it!)

Baked Pasta


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pierino January 16, 2010
Marcela Hazan wrote: "At one time tripe was so popular that restaurants used to specialize in it...when you know how to prepare it, tripe rewards you with tenderness so succulent...that more expensive cuts of meat cannot match." I will also add that in the first edition of The New York Times Cookbook (1961) there were eight recipes for tripe. In the latest edition that I looked at there was only one. That would be the standard a la Caen. Boring. As Michael Pollan would urge us, eat food that your grandmother would recognize.
Kayb January 17, 2010
I can't do tripe. I grew up poor, in the South, in the country; we had chitterlings (chitlins). I hated them. I refuse to cook or eat anything that vaguely resembles them. (Similarly, I hated turnip greens when I was a kid; won't touch much in the way of cooked greens now, either.)
Maria T. January 16, 2010
Does this include liver as well???
Merrill S. January 16, 2010
Kayb January 17, 2010
Now....a nice chicken liver pate....THAT I can do.
dymnyno January 15, 2010
Sooo...bottom line (Amanda and Merrill) we have to go whole hog?
Merrill S. January 15, 2010
Nope! It's all about the parts.
pierino January 15, 2010
Oh, thank you. There is a God! I've been waiting for this. I'll be traveling all week but I already have my own recipes down. Quinto quarto here I come!
Lizthechef January 15, 2010
OK, I'm scared and not to humble to ask what "Nose to Tail" means...Slightly nauseated as I contemplate - but, hey, I eat meat.
Merrill S. January 15, 2010
It means we're looking for recipes that use the "other" parts of the beast: organ meat, trotters, ears, etc. This contest is not for the faint of heart!
pierino January 16, 2010
Now, where did I leave those lamb hearts? Oh yeah, and the lungs. I'm thinking haggis now.
lastnightsdinner January 16, 2010
pierino, we had the most amazing duck hearts at a local restaurant last summer, grilled on a branch of rosemary - so simple, so good, and I wish like heck I could replicate them for this challenge. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
pierino January 16, 2010
Can't wait either. If I weren't going to be traveling this week I'd be up to my ears in ears, tails and offal. Oh, and tongue. I grew up with tongue in an eeemmm Catholic household. I didn't taste it again as an adult until I found myself in a Basque restaurant in Bakersfield where they just put plates in front of you. I asked what the "sausage" was and they said, no that's lamb tongue. Divine.
dymnyno January 15, 2010
hmmm...we've done one for our harvest party ...I think my guys chopped it up into many pieces , threw in a lot of lard and simmered it for hours. They covered the top with the skin, which they served with lime juice...a little chewwy. Made chicharrone and finally ended up with a carnitas feast ! Does nose to tail mean pig only?
Merrill S. January 15, 2010
No, not at all. We're open to all sorts of beasts.
gabrielaskitchen January 15, 2010
@aargersi Do it! Banana leaves = what style? I'm from New Mexico where we dig a pit and cover the porker with coals for a traditional 'matanza'... tripe is used for menudo (tripe stew) and rind makes yummy chicharrón (cracklin's). It's a weekend long process and celebration!
aargersi January 15, 2010
Have never done it, but I have seen the banana leaves at the market, and I have watched it on TV! If I INVITE the neighbors then they definitly won't mind :-)
TheWimpyVegetarian January 15, 2010
In fact you might find that a bunch of us here on Food52 flying in for it. Go for it.
Loves F. January 15, 2010
Kalua Pork (Hawaiin, at Luaus) uses banana leaves! Do it!
Loves F. January 15, 2010
*Hawaiian =)
lastnightsdinner January 15, 2010
gabrielaskitchen January 15, 2010
"Nose to tail" Am I to use the whole pig? animal? or just an "unusual" part? Whichever way, I'm excited!
Merrill S. January 15, 2010
See comments above!
aargersi January 15, 2010
Do you think the neighbors will mind if we dig a giant hole out front, line it with coals and banana leaves, and stuff a whole piggy in there?
TasteFood January 15, 2010
Eating at Incanto tonight in SF where they offer Whole Pig Dining. Hopefully that will lead to some inspiration, or at least inspire me to try a baked pasta recipe instead :)
TheWimpyVegetarian January 15, 2010
Have fun at Incanto! A group of us are trying to get our calendars synched so we can do this too.
pierino January 15, 2010
Isn't baked pasta just your best mac and cheese? Or come to think of it lasagne in the style of Modena. I may have to work on that one too.
Merrill S. January 16, 2010
Any pasta dish that goes in the oven is eligible.