January 18, 2010

gluttonforlifeSpicy Shorties

Gluttonforlife is a writer by trade and it shows in her clever, elegantly written recipes (standouts include the witty Jimmy "Crack" Corn and Rice Aloni). From her cottage in upstate New York, she cooks foods that are equal parts healthful and indulgent, like her Lima Bean and Ham Stew with Pistou (which draws lots of meaty flavor from a single ham hock) and her Spicy Shorties ("a hippie cookie, but still rich with butter," as she enticingly puts it). Check out gluttonforlife's profile and fan her here.

Read her profile Q&A below:

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  • What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?
    turtle (rich, fatty and delicious)
  • What do you cook when home alone?
    composed salads, hot pots
  • Your most treasured kitchen possession:
    bourgeat copper pots & pans
  • Your ideal meal:
    cooked for friends
  • Something you'd like a chance to eat or cook:
    paella on the grill, a crown roast
  • The number of bottles of wine you own:
    have to ask my sommelier
  • The ideal number of guests for a dinner party is:
    depends on the occasion
  • Kitchen pet peeve:
    people who don't follow my orders or say "flavor profile"
  • Your favorite cookbook:
    hot sour salty sweet, alice waters' simple food, sunday suppers at lucques

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TheWimpyVegetarian January 19, 2010
Ditto what everyone is saying. What a wonderful blog you've created! It really speaks from your heart to ours. Just wonderful - from the pictures to the writing to the name of the blog. Congrats on being recognized by A & M. And now by the rest of us.
MrsWheelbarrow January 19, 2010
I'm thrilled to find this new resource! Thanks, Food52 and congratulations on the shout out, Gluttonforlife.
lastnightsdinner January 19, 2010
Is it wrong that every time I read "Rice Aloni" I sing it to the tune of the famous jingle? :) Congrats on the shout-out, and I look forward to checking out your blog!
gluttonforlife January 19, 2010
So wrong--and yet, so right!! Thanks!
shayma January 19, 2010
the blog is beautiful, short write-ups, beautiful photos. and any blog which has a recipe for aubergine- well i am sold. btw, the photo of the poor, poor dove really touched me.
gluttonforlife January 19, 2010
Thanks for the kind words. I can't wait to try some of your Afghani recipes!
wanderash January 19, 2010
thank you for directing me to gluttonforlife's blog. it is a beauty! very enjoyable.
gluttonforlife January 19, 2010
Thanks for the kind words. I can't wait to try some of your Afghani recipes!
gluttonforlife January 19, 2010
Oops--strange double reply there. What I meant to say was, you evil chocolate bark creator, you! ;-))
Rhonda35 January 19, 2010
Where are you in upstate NY and, like Amanda, I too love your sunglasses! They suit you well!
gluttonforlife January 19, 2010
I am in Eldred, a tiny non-town in Sullivan County. Are you nearby??
Rhonda35 January 19, 2010
No, but I have a place in the Adirondacks and was wondering if you were near there. Now that I know where you are, I still have a connection. I know exactly where Eldred is! Amanda and I grew up relatively close to where you are - we lived just across the state line, a little bit west of Milford, PA in a "town" called Lords Valley.
gluttonforlife January 19, 2010
Of course I've been to Milford (a bastion of civilization up here). Consider yourself invited for lunch next time you're in the area!
Amanda H. January 18, 2010
I like your recipes, AND your sunglasses.
gluttonforlife January 19, 2010
That's praise from on high! (However, all credit for the sunglasses must go to Tom Ford...)