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United Noshes: Meals Around the World

July 13, 2012

Eating your way around the world may seem like a daunting task, but it's exactly what husband and wife Jesse Friedman and Laura Hadden are doing - right in their own backyard in Brooklyn. The couple recently founded United Noshes, a project to prepare a meal from each of the 194 United Nations memebers of the world. The couple carefully sources ingredients and researches traditional cooking methods for each meal, meant to be shared with friends old and new. Their photo-filled blog catalogues each meal, and a recent meal from Cameroon included "poulet DG," a chicken curry dish with vegetables, along with cassava and corn mush, steamed pea cakes, fried plantains and a homemade spicy pepper sauce. One year in, they've completed 39 meals (they cook through the countries in alphabetical order), and expect the whole project to take about six years total. 

Realizing not everyone is able to eat this well, the project asks guests to make donations to the United Nation's World Food Program USA. As of last May, they've already donated over $6,000! If you're interested in advising the couple on a country you're familiar with, or just want to attend a dinner, you can sign up for their newsletter

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laurahadden July 16, 2012
Hey Jill! United Noshes co-host Laura here. We are actually doing 194 meals - 193 United Nations countries + permanent observing members. Palestine gets its own meal, but the Holy See (Vatican City) will be an appetizer before Honduras!
jilleduffy July 14, 2012
I believe the U.N. counts 193 countries, including the newest member South Sudan, not 194.
Devangi R. July 13, 2012
I loved this feed...and loved what this couple is doing. So nice to read about it or may be a part of it.