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January 22, 2010

In honor of upcoming Valentine's Day, starting Sunday at midnight you can submit recipes for Your Best Chocolate Cake and Your Best Way to Prepare Oysters.


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    Maria Teresa Jorge
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Maria T. January 23, 2010
For the chocolate cake, is a tart included or it's just cakes!
Thanks for the reply!
Amanda H. January 23, 2010
Just cakes!
Maria T. January 23, 2010
Thank you Amanda. Have a nice Sunday.
pierino January 22, 2010
Wow, the oyster thing opens a whole can. Oysters come from everywhere. There is no one predictable reliable oyster, which is why their provenance is always spelled out. Some are big, fatty and potentially polluted, and others might be clean and bright but the size of your thumbnail. I dined last night in a restaurant which offered Morro Bay oysters with "four traditional sauces"---I can only think of two. Unless Bobby Flay invokes a "spicy raisin" or something.
wanderash January 22, 2010
Does, "shuck and suck" count as a recipe? I am definitely a purist when it comes to oysters. I look forward to having my mind changed.....
Amanda H. January 23, 2010
It would be great if someone did a step by step (with photos) on how to properly open an oyster. Food52ers -- hint, hint.... email it to us at [email protected] and we'll make it into a blog post.
Kelsey B. January 23, 2010
My husband and I love any excuse to eat oysters, will definitely photograph us opening a few this weekend. All we do is shuck and suck, can't wait to see recipes for them!
Maria T. January 22, 2010
Oh my God, there goes my diet! I have a neighbour who is a very famous Australian artist, he is 88 and we have a pact - he gives me eggs from his chickens and I have to bake him 2 or 3 cakes a week. Guess what I took him today? A mousse chocolate cake, which is his favourite! If only I knew I would have taken a picture! Just means I will have to start all over again and he'll have more chocolate cake.
Amanda H. January 23, 2010
Sounds like a great deal for him!
TheWimpyVegetarian January 23, 2010
I totally want a neighbor to cook 2 - 3 cakes for every week!!! What a fabulous arrangement! Can we trade lives just for 1 week?
Maria T. January 23, 2010
It's a great challenge for me too because I have to live up to his 88 years of gourmet and his mother's cooking.But on the other hand I love the challenge because he asks me for desserts I have never heard of, obviously Australian/English and sometimes I am making a dessert I have no idea what it should look or taste like. Luckily I have had several good moments and lots of praise so I am now in the categorey of the "best chocolate cake / best passion fruit pavlova / best pecan pie"! It was easier then to get a winning recipe in food 52.
Maria T. January 23, 2010
Suzanne, I will gladly have you over for one week of sweet indulgence for my Artist neighbour, meaning, 15 minutes away in the middle of a forest!
Kelsey B. January 23, 2010
Can I tag along with ChezSuzanne?! Your neighbor is very lucky indeed. :)
aargersi January 23, 2010
Me too! I'm comin' along too! I am a lousy baker but you could teach me and I could open and pour wine or something!!!
Maria T. January 24, 2010
Girls, pack your bags! I am already waiting for you, although I can't imagine so many women in the kitchen trying out recipes and photographing their own wonders!
Now there's an idea - get together for one week - not knowing the theme - wait for the theme to be announced and I can just imagine, all looking at each other and thinking "WHAT am I going to do? WHICH recipe am I going to choose?"
How about trying a group recipe, could you see yourself in that situation? It's a curious question, know if anyone would share and sign all the names below, credit to all? Think about this and tell me if, even if it's just a question, you could divide your idea for once without taking the credit all by yourself.
Maria T. January 24, 2010
And Aagersi, no one is lousy at anything, you just haven't learned yet! It depends on who teaches you. And once you patiently make your first great cake, you can make them all! I promise.
mariaraynal January 24, 2010
Ok, that sounds like great fun! I'm good at sharing...
aargersi January 24, 2010
Me too on sharing - I think a Food52 Cook-A-Palooza would be GREAT fun !! In Tuscany :-)
WinnieAb January 24, 2010
Tuscany cook-a-palooza? I'm going to pack right now...
TheWimpyVegetarian January 24, 2010
Sign me up for a cooking team in Tuscany in your kitchen! I just started taking Italian lessons so now I can introduce myself in Italian and ask if the key is to Gianna's house or to Paolo's car. Not quite fluent yet, but I can help aagersi pour wine and we can all do some baking together.
Merrill S. January 24, 2010
Can Amanda and I come too?? And Sarah could take the pictures. Field trip!
Maria T. January 24, 2010
You are all welcome, 12 beds, HUGE 19th century kitchen with bread oven included! Say when!
pierino January 24, 2010
Vengo anch'io. Porto la pentola. Boh! Mi rifiuto volare L'Alitalia. Sempre in sciopero.
Maria T. January 25, 2010
Non ha bisogna di portare pentole, le ho tutti de Creuset et altri. E l'Alitalia, meglio di non! Vi aspetto a tutti!