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January 29, 2010

Starting Sunday at midnight, you'll be able to submit recipes for Your Best Beef Stew and Your Best Mashed Potatoes.


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christinagp January 31, 2010
I'm all over this one, too! Can't wait to enter - - finally! Ropa Vieja counts as a stew, yes?
Merrill S. February 1, 2010
maggie531 January 31, 2010
Finally I'm on top of the time lines and crossing the finishing line!
Missed out on last two contests with my Better Than Sex Chocolate Cake and Spicy Southwestern Baked Lasagna.
Will be on right on the mark with this one and my fabulous beef stew. Yeah.
Amanda H. January 31, 2010
Great -- we look forward to having you participate this week!
Aliwaks January 30, 2010
Stewed beef or beef stew exclusively? Do short ribs or brisket count?
Amanda H. January 31, 2010
Sure, short ribs or brisket (or any other cut of beef) count as long as the resulting dish is stew-like!
Savorykitchen January 30, 2010
Perfect! It's freezing out there and there's nothing better than stew and mash to warm you up!
Amanda H. January 31, 2010
Yes, could use both right now.
mariaraynal January 30, 2010
This is going to be a fun one!
Kayb January 30, 2010 we're back in my territory. Having neither shucked nor cooked an oyster in my life, and not being much of a baker, I was left out last week. This week, though, I can do some business.
Amanda H. January 30, 2010
Great, we look forward to it!
Merrill S. February 1, 2010
We did that kind of intentionally -- don't want to alienate anyone!