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February  5, 2010

Starting Sunday at midnight, you can submit entries for Your Best Movie Snack and Your Best Porridge.


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Kym9932 February 7, 2010
Not too long ago I found a recipe for Teff porridge only because I am trying to figure out other uses for my teff. Haven't tried it yet but you never know.
Amanda H. February 8, 2010
We'll keep an eye out.
healthierkitchen February 6, 2010
Would love to see a recipe for congee! With two and a half feet of snow here in DC area, we could really use lots of comfort breakfasts.
Merrill S. February 6, 2010
You read our minds. I'm very hopeful that someone will submit a congee recipe.
pierino February 6, 2010
I hope so as well. I love zhou. But it's way out of my skill set, unless I go all Kung Fu Panda overnight. Nah!
DonR February 6, 2010
Everything served in bed. I'm in
Merrill S. February 6, 2010
How funny! Hadn't thought of that connection.
monkeymom February 6, 2010
Are this week's theme a sign that you've had too much chocolate cake, beef stew, and potatoes? Looks like you were hankering for some fiber!
Amanda H. February 6, 2010
Just looking out for everyone's good health....
aargersi February 5, 2010
awesome excuse to spend the week cooking and watching movies!!!
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
We figured people were in movie-mode with the Oscars approaching.
Merrill S. February 6, 2010
And all this snow!
pierino February 6, 2010
And out here, all this rain.
Allison C. February 5, 2010
Oh, I love the themes this week! Hopefully I'll be able to organize myself around them well enough--it's a bit of a crazy week for me: too many bake sales, Valentine's treats, etc. But I'm actually just settling in to watch a movie with my son now, and I have to say I love popcorn (and other snacks). Thanks for the fun. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.
mrslarkin February 5, 2010
OK, what the heck is a porridge? Mushy 9-day-old peas, or is it the Goldilocks just-right oat variety? Or can we do polenta???
Allison C. February 5, 2010
My guess is that mushy 9-day-old peas will NOT make it to the finals. ;-)
Amanda H. February 5, 2010
Porridge is any kind of cooked rice or grain that you'd eat for breakfast. So it could be any kind of oatmeal, grits, congee, farina, etc. Hope that helps!
pierino February 5, 2010
"Please sir, could I have some more...gruel?" Technically porridge is a diabolical Scottish thing with oats (hey, it goes into haggis). But the term does cover a multitude of sins. Per mrslarkin's comment it does cover polenta as well as grits. But it sounds like, from Amanda's comment, that "breakfast" is what we should be thinking in our offerings. Kept those Caledonians regular.
Merrill S. February 6, 2010
I think breakfast is a good general parameter for this theme -- but it doesn't necessarily have to be a sweet porridge!