Apple Season

October  8, 2012

Fall means one thing: apple season! Apple picking is a necessary fall activity -- lots of fun, and it leads to apple cider, applesauce, and (best of all) apple pie. Here, we've rounded up our favorite fall accessories to get you through apple season -- from picking to pie. 


fruit basket

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No apple picking trip is possible without a sturdy carrier. We love the idea of using a basket (and we love how this one looks).

tote bag

If you're not a basket person, that's cool, we've got a tote that can handle multiple pounds of your favorite varieties. We're big fans of the text, because everything about apple season is wonderful. 

Opinel Knife

A pocket knife comes in handy when you want to sit down in an orchard and share an apple. 

apple corer

Apple corers have never looked so sleek. Even if you're not into the gadget, you have to admire its design. 

Boulder Mug

What will you drink your spiced, or drunken, apple cider from? Our favorite mugs, of course. 

Prep Set

You probably have prep bowls, but do you have a bright and happy set of prep bowls that includes a colander

Weck Jars

You're going to make applesauce this fall, we know it. Who can resist Weck jars? Not us. 

Pie Dish

From now on, we want all of our apple pies to be baked and served in this festive dish

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