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You may have noticed a few new bells and whistles on the recipe pages. Allow us to explain the method behind our madness and, as always, please let us know what you think!

  • Recommendations
  • Now when you view a recipe, to the right you'll see a couple of friendly suggestions: “You Might Also Like This Recipe,” which showcases a great Finalist or Wildcard recipe from the same category as the one you're viewing (e.g. another winning dessert or another delicious fish and seafood recipe); and “From Our Shop,” which is, frankly, pretty random at the moment. Over time, as we gather more stellar recipes and goods, we'll tweak the formulas to make our recommendations even more useful to you. And for all Finalist recipes, you'll also see a link back to the slideshow of A&M testing them out (and dropping things on the floor and other typical food52 hijinks).

  • Right Now In Recipes
  • You can now see what recipes other users are looking at, in real time. We like to think it gives us all a sense of the greater food52 community and clues us in to what people across the globe are interested in at any given moment. For example, given this week's themes and the weather systems that have been pummeling various parts of the U.S. of late, our money's on lots of people looking into some good movie snacks.

Right Now In Recipes

  • New Cooks' Rating System 
  • We've changed our recipe rating system to a very simple, hedonistic “like” indicator. The previous star-based system wasn't really working for us – we hope this index will be more meaningful. So feel free to give props to your fellow food52ers' recipes by clicking on the thumbs up symbol (No plans yet for a Fonzie-style double thumbs up, but we're open to suggestions). And don't worry -- if you ever rated a recipe on the old star system, your input was noted. Any time a recipe was given 3 stars or more, we considered it “liked.”

  • Wine Suggestions 
  • Coming soon, food52 wine expert Sasha will be helping us offer pairing suggestions for every recipe!