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Kickstarter Love: Urban Gardening for All!

November  6, 2012

Each week in Kickstarter Love, Feed52 will feature a Kickstarter project that focuses on food and the community. Basically, it's about cool people doing cool things with food. This week, spreading urban heirloom gardening across the US.

Growing a produce garden from seeds is like nothing else - and eating the fruits (vegetables!) of your labor is the most rewarding part. So when choosing seeds, why would you pick varieties you can find in the grocery store?

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Jarrod Tishhouse in Pennsylvania wants to provide rare, heirloom seeds to anyone who wants to enjoy breeds like Sugar Baby Watermelon, Taiwan Sugar Snow Pea, and Bush Blue Bean - even those of us living in urban areas.

His Kickstarter project delivers custom seed combinations to you in sealed capsules, so they stay viable until you're ready to plant them. They come with instructions for growing, and even capturing seeds from the produce so you can keep your garden growing year after year.

He's generously offering seed packs to all who donate over $15 - so plan your garden now and you'll be set with seeds for this spring!

Urban Farm: Build a Garden, Sustain it for Life from Kickstarter

The All for Farmers Market

We’ve joined forces with Tillamook to support All For Farmers—a coalition benefiting farmers across the nation—with a special market that gives back. Featuring Shop all-stars and a limited-edition Five Two apron, a portion of proceeds from every purchase supports American Farmland Trust’s Brighter Future Fund.

The All for Farmers Market

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