Sister Showdown!

February 19, 2010

This is an unusual week at food52: the finalists for Your Best Movie Snack -- the talented cooks arielleclementine and Helenthenanny -- are sisters!

We only realized the connection after whittling the movie snack submissions down to our two favorites: arielleclementine's Olive All'Ascolana and Helenthenanny's Devils on Hatchback. We promise we weren't trying to stir up a sibling rivalry like the bickering Voltaggio brothers of last season's Top Chef. These sisters just make some mighty delicious snacks -- clearly it runs in the family. And something tells us that arielleclementine and Helenthenanny will be far more gracious competitors than Bryan and Michael Voltaggio, though just as formidable. In fact, Helenthenanny has already started a fairly aggressive campaign on behalf of her sister's olives. 

Take it from us, both recipes make for irresistible movie snacks. Or cocktail party hors d'oeuvres. Or even dinner for one in front of a Jersey Shore marathon. You're definitely going to want to make them both over and over. Now go vote for your favorite! 

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cheese1227 February 23, 2010
It came down to the type of cheese -- I like goat better than cream cheese. But these are both great combinations of salt, spice and texture.
arielleclementine February 23, 2010
huzzah! thank you :)
mrslarkin February 21, 2010
Go olives! I'm feeling the olive love today. Sorry devils! (maybe it's cuz i went to church 2day.)
arielleclementine February 21, 2010
haha! thanks, mrslarkin!
Helenthenanny February 21, 2010
Haha is right! I'm happy you voted olives! And we devils get to have you the rest of the week mrslarkin ; )
WinnieAb February 20, 2010
This is too cute- I love this sister showdown, though I'm having a really hard time with the voting part!
arielleclementine February 21, 2010
thanks, friend!
Helenthenanny February 21, 2010
you're too cute, vote olives!!
Helenthenanny February 20, 2010
Thank you Amanda and Merrill! This is a really fun twist; I thought it was all a clever ruse to spark a scandal to boost ratings (ie breaking headline news: SISTER GETS STABBED WITH A FORK AFTER FIGHTING OVER COOKING COMPETITION)! We will see... But anyway, for now, thank you!
PaulaK February 20, 2010
It was very difficult to choose between the two. I went with Devils On Hatchback. But I could have easily gone the other way. I hope we hear more from these talented sisters.
Helenthenanny February 20, 2010
Thanks : )
lastnightsdinner February 19, 2010
I haven't voted yet because I CAN'T CHOOSE! Two great ladies, two great dishes :D
Helenthenanny February 20, 2010
arielleclementine February 19, 2010
oh man!! thanks, guys! we thought for sure you knew we were sisters, especially after helen outed me in her introduction to the devils on hatchback recipe (i'm the citrus-fruit sister who ate a dozen of them four minutes after they came out of the oven)! we're so thrilled to both be finalists at the same time- too fun! it's funny too, because we both like the other's movie snack better :)
Merrill S. February 19, 2010
Oh, we knew you were sisters! But we try not to pay too much attention to who's submitted the recipes while we're testing, so we didn't realize until after we'd already picked the finalists.
arielleclementine February 19, 2010
that is so cool! i didn't know you guys did that. also, helen and i love your note about the jersey shore marathon, as we actually have a jersey shore party in the works. we'll have to make these snacks for it!
shayma February 19, 2010
oh my gosh! that is fantastic. may the best sister win (gulp).
mariaraynal February 19, 2010
Love the sister throwdown -- and the excellent banter. You two are awfully cute and talented cooks, too!
AntoniaJames February 19, 2010
You girls are so talented, and beautiful, too! Your parents must be so proud of you. The most wonderful thing about this contest is that you both win. I can't think of anything I'd like more than to see one of my own (4) sisters win a Food52 contest!! ;o)
shayma February 19, 2010
agreed. i'd be so happy if my sister won against me. it's a win-win situation!
Lizthechef February 19, 2010
Now I understand all that great back and forth between them!
pierino February 19, 2010
But when do the brothas get to throw down? I think there are only like two or three of us? I like my odds.
theicp February 19, 2010
Cute write-up!