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February 19, 2010

Starting at midnight on Sunday, you can submit recipes for Your Best Roast Chicken and Your Best Beets.



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    Furey and the Feast
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    Kelsey Banfield
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pierino February 23, 2010
Pierino predicts that "battle chicken" will be the defining moment for food52. It is the most basic, most satisfying thing any serious cook must master. Whoever wins deserves all of the laurels that are available. I've already read some really fine recipes here. I will bow in front of whoever wins because this is your Eagle Scout merit badge. This is your credential as a cook. Me, I'm just the commis.
Furey A. February 21, 2010
I had my first taste of fresh beets just last year. I grew up on the canned variety, and I hated their metallic taste, so I always shied away from them. But after an amazing roasted baby beet salad with burrata, I'm hooked. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.
Kelsey B. February 20, 2010
And the week after next will be "Your Best Chicken Soup or Broth" right?
amysarah February 20, 2010
I've always loved fresh beets - in borscht; the standby salad with goat cheese; grated in vinaigrette, alongside grated carrots and celeri remoulade in the old-school hors d'oeuvres varies virtually every bistro in Paris served when I was a kid - but I have to admit that these days when I think 'beets' I immediately think of Dwight, on The Office. Not a bad thing - always makes me laugh.
mrslarkin February 19, 2010
Hooray for roast chicken! My favorite meal!
pierino February 19, 2010
If you ask practically any restaurant chef what their favorite thing to cook at home is, it will almost always be a roast chicken. And capon counts right, even though it's a neutered rooster? I may have to revive my New Year's Eve menu.
Amanda H. February 20, 2010
Sure capon counts.... because I think it's going to be a while before our Best Capon Dish theme comes along.
aargersi February 19, 2010
Hey Nannydeb I am so happy about this week I can't hardly stand it!!!!!
Kayb February 19, 2010
I have never cooked a beet in my life, but I've got a killer roast chicken.
pierino February 20, 2010
Is this Chicken Al Capone?
Kayb February 20, 2010
I can testify that my chicken did not rob a single bank en route to its home in the oven.
Brown B. February 19, 2010
Oh I need both these recipes! Yay.
Sara I. February 19, 2010
Oh, I can't wait to see the recipes for these...yum.
nannydeb February 19, 2010
Hey aargersi, this is your area of expertise! Beets!!!