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February 26, 2010

Starting Sunday at midnight, you can submit recipes for Your Best Chicken Broth and Your Best Dish Using Blood Oranges, Feta and Mint.



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eisenstar November 26, 2011
My friend Luke, makes a wicked, blood orange, and fennel salad that I will try....and pry out of him! LOL
Holly March 2, 2010
I am so dying to play with this combination of flavors, but unfortunately blood oranges aren't available down here in Argentina. I asked my boyfriend just to make sure, and showed him the photo, and he had never seen such a thing. He actually asked if it were some kind of laboratory invention. (I sent him the Wikipedia page on blood oranges after we had the conversation).

I am frequently reminded how lucky I was to have been born and raised in California, with such a variety of fresh produce...unfortunately, by the time I got crazy about cooking, I was already living out of the country!
pierino March 2, 2010
In a way this surprises me given Argentina's enormous Italian population. Most of 'em got lost on the way to North America. You might have better luck if you search for them under their Italian name; tarocco (singular) or tarocchi (plural). The best ones come from Sicily. Possibly they come in as imports. But it's hard to believe that they are not grown somewhere in Argentina or Uruguay.
Holly March 2, 2010
I know, it surprises me, too. But in almost five years of living here, I've never seen them. Though your import comment just gave me an idea. I have found strange imported food items in Chinatown: non-Chinese and non-Asian things, that I was surprised to see there. I'll have to take a look in the produce section of the main grocery store in Chinatown. Thanks!
Holly March 6, 2010
I've done some asking around, and no one's heard of them here in Argentina. I was just told that in Italy they're called "arancia rossa," but still, none here.
Aliwaks February 28, 2010
Speaking of blood orange, once had a recipe for a wonderful blood orange/olive oil tea cake, the oranges were blended whole into the batter, I wrote the recipe down in the back of a cookbook which I then I foolishly lent to the wrong person. If anyone has it in their recipe box, please post, would be ever so grateful.
Merrill S. February 28, 2010
Sounds amazing, Alas, I do not have it in my recipe file.
drbabs March 1, 2010
Is it this recipe from the NY Time?
drbabs March 1, 2010
Oops--NY Times. Sorry for the typo.
Aliwaks March 1, 2010
Alas no Drbabs, it was even simpler, more olive oil no yogurt or buttermilk. So sad it made such a beautiful cake. But thank you for looking for me.
mrslarkin March 2, 2010
Here's another Aliwaks, without yogurt.
Aliwaks March 2, 2010
YES!! Mrslarkin thank you!!! this will make short work of leftover blood oranges from the big Trader Joes bag.
AntoniaJames February 28, 2010
Okay, just to clarify . . . . if a recipe is a two-part recipe, do all three ingredients need to be in one of those parts? Thanks.
Merrill S. February 28, 2010
As long as it's a cohesive dish that incorporates all three ingredients, it's a go.
AntoniaJames February 28, 2010
Regarding the mint/feta/blood orange contest, what exactly is meant by a "dish"? Thank you.
Amanda H. February 28, 2010
By "dish" we just mean any kind of fully-formed recipe. Could be a salad, a grilled lamb something-or-other, a dessert, etc. Hope that helps!
testkitchenette February 28, 2010
Three of my most favorite foods/herb! Can't wait to tackle this one!
NakedBeet February 28, 2010
Bulgarian Feta, Greek Feta, French Feta, oh my! Love the mystery box aspect and having to stretch those food thinking muscles!
Kayb February 28, 2010
Sigh. No blood oranges out here in flyover country. At least not that I've found. But I did have chicken stock on my mind.....have discovered that if I package it in quart freezer bags, lie them flat on a cookie sheet and freeze, they stack nicely in the badly overcrowded freezer!
EmilyNunn February 28, 2010
Hey, Kayb, I'm not sure which flyover state you are in, but Trader Joe has blood oranges here in Chicago, on and off.
Amanda H. February 28, 2010
I do something similar -- quart freezer bags but I put them in an 8x8 baking dish. But the corners get scrunched.
Kayb February 28, 2010
I'm in Arkansas. We don't even have Trader Joe's. We do have Whole Foods and a Fresh Market about an hour from me, but that's about as good as it gets.
pierino February 28, 2010
Whole Foods is as "good as it gets." Although today I did score two pounds of veal bones at Bristol Farms in California---for free. Pierino is going off the reservation. We did pick up our blood oranges though.
And for those of you who live out here, glad to be home by the way, chanterelle market prices are really low thanks to all the rain. Like $10 per pound. They can run as high as $50 sometimes.
dymnyno February 28, 2010
I love the combo...I have a treefull of blood oranges.
But...darn!!! I am "on the road" selling wine until next kitchen!!! (in Florida)
Amanda H. February 28, 2010
Shoot! Sorry to miss you this week. Enjoy the warm weather.
WuNotWoo February 28, 2010
how peculiarly specific~
maryvelasquez February 28, 2010
I love the three ingredient idea and think it might be the way to go for "the next phase." A whole new way to be creative!
Aliwaks February 27, 2010
Ironically I just got so excited about next weeks theme, I nearly burned dinner.
Amanda H. February 27, 2010
We like your intensity!
Aliwaks February 27, 2010
Totally excited about the trio of mystery box, oddly enough was contemplating all three in the side for my lamb class next week...hmmmm serendipity??
Amanda H. February 27, 2010
Hadn't thought of it before but our flavor theme is like an ode to Suzanne Goin.
pierino February 28, 2010
Susan Goin? One of my favorite chefs. I haven't been able to make it into Tavern yet.
coffeefoodwrite February 28, 2010
Tavern very nice -- great take out -- love a place that has duck confit to go!
MrsWheelbarrow February 27, 2010
Hello my name is Mrs. Wheelbarrow and I'm addicted to Food52. I'm so glad to read these other comments about one's husband alternately loving and wondering about "those invisible friends of yours from Food52." Can't wait to see the variations on the theme.
shayma February 27, 2010
tee hee same with my husband! Food 52 truly is a wonderful community. I love the combinations, A&M, of orange, feta and mint, can we submit as is? ;)
gabrielaskitchen February 27, 2010
haha, me too! When my beau and I were discussing what we might each give up for Lent he suggested "food52" but then we decided it wasn't an indulgence but a productive past-time and place to exchange wonderful recipes with a fabulous food-lovin' community.
Amanda H. February 27, 2010
12-step program coming soon. But it could end up just being a 12-step recipe. No promises.
gabrielaskitchen February 27, 2010
The feta keeps pushing me toward an obvious, but always tasty answer: a citrus beet salad with mint and feta. I'm really excited to see other cooks creative uses of these ingredients! A real challenge!
Lizthechef February 27, 2010
Confused and out of stock after big chick week - just chicken broth recipe or a recipe that utilizes chicken broth? Gosh, you guys keep us on our toes...
Merrill S. February 27, 2010
Didn't mean to confuse! We were actually hoping you'd all have lots of bones after all the chicken roasting this week. We're looking for a recipe for stock or broth.
TasteFood February 26, 2010
This is fun. Except due to all the time I find myself thinking about these challenges my blog name should be changed to TasteFood52.
TheWimpyVegetarian February 27, 2010
I know. My husband thinks I'm addicted to Food52 and is thinking of forming a 12-step program for it.....except he has LOVED being my official (co)-taster. So we're a co-dependent couple, and look forward to the challenges each week. This week will be fun to see the range of things that get posted.
mrslarkin February 27, 2010
Hubby on his way out to shovel the snow says, "Conversing with your fellow-food52blog-addicts?" Yup.
Lizthechef February 27, 2010
Save 2 chairs at the food52 junkie meeting for me and my husband...Went to bed sulking with no ideas. Woke up with vague and wild idea of combinging 2 themes. There goes the weekend...
Merrill S. February 27, 2010
I hope we're not getting to the point where we need to think about forming a support group...
mrslarkin February 26, 2010
Yay, chicken broth! How sustainable of you, A&M, what with all the chicken carcasses in the food52 universe this week. And for the combo, I'll have to whip out my Flavor Bible for some inspiration.
Lizthechef February 27, 2010
I love your positive attitude! I had thought I was clever, using 3 food52 recipes to finish up my gorgeous stock...
TheWimpyVegetarian February 27, 2010
I can't survive without my Flavor Bible! I gave several for Christmas gifts this year and at least two of the recipients loved it so much they gave it to several more family members and friends. GREAT reference for creating and modifying recipes. This will be such a fun week for creativity for everyone. And like Liz, I've used up all my broth so will be starting from scratch with MORE chicken ... :-(
coffeefoodwrite February 27, 2010
I would love to see a little link to the side so that we could all make a small book/cookbook of our own or other saved recipes we have found (with pics!). Sort of like shutterfly or mac has. One of the most wonderful things about this whole food52 experience has been finally getting all those recipes down on paper with pictures -- and also creating new ones each week when inspired by the suggestions and all the other great cooks and recipes. (Perhaps this belongs in the other commentary instead! =)). I have so loved this whole interaction and, yes, my husband as well is alternatively grateful and wondering at my obsession with this wonderful WONDERFUL food website/exchange...
mrslarkin February 27, 2010
My library copy of the Flavor Bible is so overdue. Luckily, my friends at the library love mrslarkin and all the goodies she bring them (out of the kindness of my heart, not bribery). cfwg: I was thinking the same thing about the minicookbook. That is a great idea. Sort of like a custom cookbook of our saved recipes. What do you think A&M? I guess we could print out a bunch of recipe pages off of the recipe tool bar if we wanted to put together a very rough cookbook of our own.
Merrill S. February 27, 2010
coffeefoodwritergirl, we've been thinking the same thing. Unfortunately, our "To Do" list is way too long for us to be able to keep up with. But don't worry, this idea is on our radar!
coffeefoodwrite February 28, 2010
Hi Merrill, so great to know. Everyone is doing such a beautiful job with the pics and recipes. I am acquiring a big "saved recipes" file!
pierino February 26, 2010
Okay, I'm down with the blood oranges. But aren't we getting painted into a Greek box just like the EU at the moment? If you removed the feta this would work without a bailout from the World Bank. Lot's of things work with blood orange, but this is like an episode of "Chopped"! What's in the basket? Campfire marshmallows!
Amanda H. February 26, 2010
It's an experiment -- play along with us!
Savorykitchen February 27, 2010
I have to say that I really enjoy the "Mystery basket" approach. I am really curious to see what everyone comes up with. I have three dishes in mind myself. :-)

For those who are despairing about the specificity of the feta: I suggest you try some different brands. Although all are brined soft cheese, the effect of the type of milk used, the length of time in brine and the treatment of the cheese once you've brought it home all make for an amazing variety of flavors and textures!
mrslarkin February 27, 2010
I'm grateful that our mystery basket ingredients actually go together.
Merrill S. February 27, 2010
Savorykitchen, very good point re: using different types of feta.