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March  5, 2010

Starting Sunday, you'll be able to submit recipes for Your Best Meatloaf and Your Best Spinach Recipe.


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TheWimpyVegetarian March 10, 2010
There are a LOT of great ideas here that I like. I like especially doing more with whole grains. I can find lots of great and delicious cake recipes but as I try to migrate to a healthier diet, I don't see a whole lot of grains recipes I'm excited about. Quinoa, barley, etc. Contests can be divided by best baked whole grains recipes for breads, etc and best steamed, etc. And more with veggies, (greens, thanks for the spinach theme this week!, fennel, etc based on what avail) and more fish. I liked the 3 ingredient combo - really starts to stretch the amazing creative minds we have here on this site. I know part of the challenge is this time of year it's spring here in California, but not so much in other parts of the country...And maybe some of this was done before I started following this site.
aargersi March 8, 2010
Grilling? We grill pretty much every night when it's not freezing cold out ... but does everyone have a grill or does that let out big city / apartment dwellers?
aargersi March 8, 2010
OR - a chili cookoff???
monkeymom March 8, 2010
I'd love to see whole grain type recipes...maybe as main dishes. I'm also looking for bread/roll recipes, preferably whole grain types that can be used repurposed from dinner to lunches. What would be great is flambe...just so we could watch A+M make fire in the videos.
lechef March 7, 2010
Meatloaf, eh? It might be time to dig out my Grandmother's recipe cards. I've never made a meatloaf that I've been satisfied with, but I remember that she made a great one.

Speaking of meatloaf, does anyone else immediately flashback to the scene in "A Christmas Story" where Randy, the little brother, is smearing mashed potatoes and meatloaf all over his face while making piggie noises? Or is that just me?
pierino March 7, 2010
Possibly this falls into street food again, but as a theme suggestion "your best stuffed, baked dough thing"? This could be empandas, calzones, pupusas, tamales...
AntoniaJames March 7, 2010
Mmmm. That would include Cornish pasties, not sold on any streets around here, but a regular menu item in our house for years (simply called "meat pies" when the boys were just learning to talk. They learned how to say that very well . . . . . . that, and "more food." ;o) . . . . . .)
Merrill S. March 7, 2010
Great idea!
dymnyno March 7, 2010
I like this idea too! The history behind the idea should be an important ingredient.
Ms N. March 6, 2010
I love this idea--and am actually making meatloaf by popular demand at a dinner party on Friday. I too have trouble sleeping when there is cold meatloaf in the 'fridge--but then agian I have trouble sleeping when there is cold anything in the fridge.
Aliwaks March 6, 2010
I LOVE meatloaf,in fact find it impossible to sleep though the night when there is leftover meatloaf in the fridge, I love cold meatloaf sandwiches with ketchup even more than I love meatloaf. Spinach is good too. As for theme suggestions what about the upcoming holidays: Your Best Easter Dish? Your best Passover Dish? Or does that leave too many people out?
lastnightsdinner March 6, 2010
I'm right there with you - my biggest reason for making meatloaf is for the leftovers ;D
pierino March 6, 2010
Pierino is not Jewish, nor observant but is absolutely in touch with Jewish holiday cooking. Why? We don't know. Just add our vote to that idea.
Merrill S. March 7, 2010
Like pierino, although I'm not observant, I always find the idea of food inspired by religious holidays incredibly appealing.
thirschfeld March 6, 2010
Oh there will be those that hate me for this, but veggie medley theme(I hate the word medley and duo when used with food) give me a hard time but think about it. How often do you have one of something in the fridge and need to figure out what to do with all those ones of something... succotash?...and the combos could go on and on...
coffeefoodwrite March 6, 2010
yes......but maybe a choice of three different veggies -- sort of like this weeks theme: say zucchini, tomatoes and onions for instance....think of the possibilities...
onetribegourmet March 6, 2010
I have great Spinach & Fresh Fenugreek Recipe!
coffeefoodwrite March 6, 2010
Just read these comments, and you guys are all so funny! Made my Saturday morning!
aargersi March 6, 2010
OK I had a dream last night that the theme was jello. It must have been very realistic because I was seriously thinking about jello recipes this morning and planning to buy a new dish and everything ... want me to start thinking up themes? HA HA! (what about non-chicken poultry?)
pierino March 6, 2010
Bring on the ortolans.
aargersi March 6, 2010
p.s. I have a great jello idea just in case :-)
thirschfeld March 6, 2010
oh that last statement sounded bad, it is meant to be a good thing, changing the food routine.
Merrill S. March 7, 2010
We know what you meant, don't worry!
thirschfeld March 6, 2010
Oh that was a sigh of contemplation not frustration. I am more than happy to make poor mans pate. But what about wild game, not as meatloaf, but a theme or maybe I don't know... you have done just fine with the themes so far as I can tell, at least it gets me out of my food routine.
Amanda H. March 6, 2010
Given all the loud sighs, seems like this is as good a moment as any to ask for theme suggestions. We're ready and listening!
pierino March 6, 2010
Street food, street food. My cohorts are lined up with their trucks and improvised hibachi devices.
Or, how about "lunch box"? My tiffins are standing by, ready to serve.
thirschfeld March 6, 2010
I got a great hibachi made from a 50 caliber ammo box. It is the ultimate for satay.
gluttonforlife March 6, 2010
I second the street food suggestions. Or what about soufflés? Curry?
coffeefoodwrite March 6, 2010
Souffles! That is a great idea -- so much that can be done with souffles. I also like the wild game idea.
lastnightsdinner March 6, 2010
Here in chilly New England, we're still a month or so away from our first spring vegetables, and I can't be the only one looking for more interesting things to do with potatoes, winter squash, etc. How about a "Dark Days" challenge? Or to get us thinking ahead to warmer days and the much anticipated arrival of spring produce, "Your Best Spring Green" challenge, including all sorts of tender young green things?
mrslarkin March 6, 2010
Ok A, you asked for it! Your best….corned beef (too late for this one?), cabbage, milkshake, dessert pie, risotto, wrap (taco, burrito, tortilla, enchilada, piadina, spring rolls, pita, peking duck, etc), sandwich, burger, pizza, brownies, pudding, 5-or-less ingredients, recipe using bacon/cured meat, casserole, granola, mushrooms, hot beverage, muffin, chili, filled pasta or dumpling, savory filled pastries (samosas, empanadas, beef patties, calzones), pasta salad, rice salad, cupcakes, frosting. I like the non-chicken poultry idea, but street food’s too vague for me. The only street food I know are NYC dirty water hot dogs, pretzels, and potato knishes.
AntoniaJames March 7, 2010
Best dish made from leftovers of a Food52 finalist or wild card recipe.
pierino March 7, 2010
"Best dish made from leftovers of a Food52 finalist " I draw the line when it comes cannibal cuisine.
thirschfeld March 6, 2010
Lizthechef March 6, 2010
When I told my husband I was blocking re this week's themes,he calmly and reasonably suggested,"Honey, why not take a week off?" Stop me before I try again...Remember the 12-step group? What happened to it?!
mrslarkin March 6, 2010
I betchya he's gonna whip out the truffles. and maybe a blowtorch.
pierino March 6, 2010
Be careful what you wish for mrslarkin....
EmilyNunn March 6, 2010
I'm giving Pierino a time out.
pierino March 6, 2010
Weapons... you'll find out.
gabrielaskitchen March 6, 2010
Alex saw this week's themes and "gave me permission" to submit as many recipes as I'd like. I wonder why.....
Merrill S. March 6, 2010
Suspicious indeed...