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You speak (or, at times, clamor); we listen. And we do our best to evolve. In response to popular demand, we're hoping to strengthen our Editors' Pick recommendations -- by calling on you. Though we've always tested as many Editors' Picks as possible, we'd like to be able to include more and really highlight the best of the best. Enter the food52 community: We want volunteer recipe testers to help us rate the potential Editors' Picks each week. If you already find yourself making recipes you see submitted to our contests, you're halfway there! All that's left is sending us a quick note with your verdict. You'll be fulfilling an important role in the site -- Editors' Picks don't just get a shout out in a weekly blog post, they also filter to the top of the recipe search page. It's a pretty weighty responsibility (it's also lots of fun). 

Here's how we're thinking it will work: 

Each Thursday, we'll put up a blog post with a list of candidates and, in the comments section, you can all call dibs on which recipe(s) you'd like to test (no friends scratching friends' backs allowed -- we're trusting you to be impartial).

By the following Tuesday, you'll email us your notes: whether you'd recommend it as an Editors' Pick, a 100-word description of how it turned out, and any minor tweaks you'd add to the recipe (like if a step needs clarification or the author forgot to list an ingredient -- not if you think their pizza would be better deconstructed into a salad, or other major creative changes of that ilk). Then we'll comb through your evaluations and choose the best 10 or so recipes to be featured as Editors' Picks, in addition to the ones we've tested and deemed Pick-worthy. You and your comments will be cited in the "Amanda & Merrill's Notes" section at the top of the recipe (until we come up with a better place for them).

This will continue to be a work in progress. We'll give it a shot and if it works, great! And if not, we'll keep on tweaking, with your input in mind. So clamor on, folks.


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