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March 12, 2010

Starting Sunday at midnight, you'll be able to submit recipes for Your Best Risotto and Your Best Italian Dessert.


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magdance March 15, 2010
Re personal variations: when you said "no" to pannacotta shaped like a trifle, does that mean "no" to a freestanding zuppa inglese?
coffeefoodwrite March 14, 2010
Oh yay! These both sound wonderful. Can't wait to get cooking...
tniles March 14, 2010
vanilla bean risotto with a dried fruit compote is on the menu. Its pretty popular at the restaurant.
Merrill S. March 14, 2010
Sounds delicious. Since we did a rice pudding contest recently, we're looking for savory risottos this time around.
tniles March 15, 2010
this will be a challenge for me, but love risotto in any form
BrooklynBridget March 13, 2010
Dreaming up risotto recipes on a hellaciously rainy NYC day!
Amanda H. March 13, 2010
Like your user name -- clever!
AntoniaJames March 13, 2010
Does a traditional Italian dessert that you've "personalized" in decidedly non-Italian ways qualify? ;o)
Amanda H. March 13, 2010
Great question -- but hard to give you a yes/no without more info. If it's a saffron pannacotta, then I'd say yes. If it's a pannacotta that you've molded like a trifle, no. Hope that's helpful!
gabrielaskitchen March 13, 2010
Oh! I can't wait to get too many great risotto recipes from you all! I've never cooked it before, so I'm looking forward to trying it out after next week's submissions are in.
Amanda H. March 13, 2010
We're excited, too. We'll also be doing a Sunday Supper live cooking event with the risotto finalists -- more on that soon.
Ms C. March 13, 2010
Ooh ... hope to see some variations on arancini! My nonna was Sicilian.
lechef March 13, 2010
I really like the natural progression of recipe contests that we're on right now: Roasted Chicken to Chicken Broth to Risotto, which in most cases uses chicken broth. I hope next week's contest is "your best leftover risotto recipe"! Risotto cakes, anyone?
Merrill S. March 13, 2010
Nice one! Hadn't made the chicken broth/risotto connection, if you can believe it. (We're a little slow sometimes.)
Amanda H. March 13, 2010
Yes, wish we'd been so clever! But no, just turned out that way.
WinnieAb March 13, 2010
A and M-
I was sure the risotto was planned to use the stock!
Funny it wasn't, but perfect timing nonetheless.
testkitchenette March 13, 2010
Great theme for my weekend cooking and testing (raining and dreary in Long Island) while the husband works some overtime!
Amanda H. March 13, 2010
Great, and I hear you -- it's so rainy here in Brooklyn, too.
chez L. March 13, 2010
i am excited! great themes
Merrill S. March 13, 2010
monkeymom March 12, 2010
Would risottos made with something other than rice be okay?
Janneke V. March 13, 2010
how can you make risotto without arborio rice?
lastnightsdinner March 13, 2010
Janneke, in the States you often see dishes with grains like barley or farro prepared in the style of risotto - not a traditional risotto, but with that same sort of creaminess.
Lizthechef March 13, 2010
Mark Bittman ran a risotto-like pasta recipe that I make all the time. It's delicious and you don't even heat the stock, Agree with lastnightsdinner 100%.
mrslarkin March 13, 2010
I say, sure, why not?
Amanda H. March 13, 2010
Janneke V. March 14, 2010
I learn something new every day, I'll have to try this..
monkeymom March 15, 2010
I think I have a similar problem with risottos as thirschfeld. I've had a hard time making 'good' risottos. Using other things helps me to avoid that problem as they are just different anyways. I'm very much looking forward to this theme!
NakedBeet March 12, 2010
done and done! ; )
Amanda H. March 13, 2010
Great -- we look forward to seeing what you've got.
aargersi March 12, 2010
Yum - can't wait to see what everyone does - my risotto is pretty standard (yummy, but same ol same ol) and my Italian dessert is, well, the gelato bar at Central Market :-)
thirschfeld March 12, 2010
I hate cooking risotto. The first ingredient on everyones list better be beckon the gods because you need everything to come together to get the rice just right. I have only had great risotto once and that was at La Cirque and I have been trying to recreate that one for almost 8 years. Maybe this will be the time. Good luck everyone. This one is going to take some research on technique.
Loves F. March 12, 2010
That La Cirque Risotto must have been some risotto-of-the-gods-crazy-good stuff to set such unbeatable standards, because I can't seem to find a risotto I don't like, and I find it so easy to get right!

I hope you're able to recreate it for the contest, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
thirschfeld March 12, 2010
Oh don't get me wrong I have had lots of good risotto but if you have ever had great risotto, where the rice is like eating the most beautiful cloud with rain drops of flavor showering accross your tongue , then you will set off on a quest to recreate it. I hope, really hope, to learn lots from this week.
Loves F. March 12, 2010
Now I'm nervous... And jealous of this risotto nirvana you speak of!
thirschfeld March 12, 2010
I wouldn't be nervous but excited. I hope to gain the knowledge to recreate that very risotto nirvana
thirschfeld March 12, 2010
oh and that should say Le Cirque, can't believe I did that.
mrslarkin March 12, 2010
Oh, fun! Thank you for including another "stovetop" category!! Yes, my oven is still broken. Fingers crossed, everybody.
Merrill S. March 12, 2010
Wow, this is approaching cruel and unusual punishment for you!
cafetrix March 14, 2010
I too had a "down" oven for months....drove me to practically kill! I was so frustrated. All because of propane, it took longer to get the parts to change it over.....which I thought should have been the job of the seller, not the end user! Oh will be such a treat when you finally do get it.
student E. March 12, 2010
oooh, love it!
MrsWheelbarrow March 12, 2010
It will be hard to beat my all time favorite risotto, from "Cooking for Mr. Latte" - lemon w/creme fraiche.
Merrill S. March 12, 2010
That's a goodie!
dymnyno March 12, 2010
A friend of mine who wrote a book about Italian cooking made lemon risotta and I think some of the rice is still stuck between my stove and counter. I love risotto...there are so many great recipes....I can hardly wait to see what our community comes up with.
Amanda H. March 13, 2010
Thank you -- glad to know you like that one.
TasteFood March 12, 2010
ooh, Naked Beet, you've got a gorgeous one for this!
NakedBeet March 12, 2010
Thanks! It's going up as soon as the Cinderella shoes drop.