Game Day

See How Amanda Goes Epic for Game Day

January 31, 2013

Some of us are die-hard Niners fans. Some of us really like Beyonce and witty commercials. Some of us are just in it for the queso. Is our fearless leader Amanda Hesser any of these people? No. But she owns that.

See what Amanda has to say about deep frying a turkey and her favorite gametime snack (really) in the videos shot by Visa below. And once and for all get the answer to the question we've always wanted to ask: what would she look like in a hazmat suit?


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Let us know how you're planning on making things epic this weekend!

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creamtea February 1, 2013
So I have the anchovy paste on the sage leaves. What do I do next? Urgent! ;)
Rhonda35 January 31, 2013
Those are fantastic!! Will they be on TV (or maybe they already are?) Love it.
AntoniaJames January 31, 2013
I'd have liked the second one much more, had they not cut Amanda off. How very odd, and how disrespectful that is. ;o)
AntoniaJames January 31, 2013
We're going vegan this Sunday, in epic style. ;o)
Bevi January 31, 2013
Hahahahahahaha! I am serving my husband sage leaves and anchovy paste. Thanks for the inspiration!
hardlikearmour January 31, 2013
Hilarious! I especially like Amanda's part in the second video.