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March 19, 2010

Starting Sunday at midnight, you can submit recipes for Your Best Spring Lamb and Your Best Almond Macaroons.


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NakedBeet March 20, 2010
So does Spring Lamb mean literally, use a "spring lamb" or use spring flavors for this lamb dish?
pierino March 20, 2010
That's a very good naked question. I believe that technically "spring" refers to the age of the lamb and not the season. For example in Italy lambs are slaughtered at a younger age than here in America---hope that doesn't put you off your dinner just now. Perhaps we can take this metaphorically given that today is the vernal equinox and I've just purchased my Colorado raised lamb for the test.
dymnyno March 20, 2010
Lambs are usually born in winter, that is December and January, so by the time they are weaned the grass is growing to feed them , usually March and April. The new grass fed lambs have meat that is very tender and very suble flavor. So, actually lamb that is a little older has a more interesting flavor. (My time line applies only to Northern California where the lambs are cavorting on the hillsides as we speak!) Mary (without a lamb)
dymnyno March 20, 2010
Speaking of lamb and sheep, if anyone is near Santa Rosa this weekend,(19-21) the sheepdog trials are a unique perspective of one of next week's themes and fun to watch!
Amanda H. March 21, 2010
Great question -- we were thinking more spring flavors.
Lizthechef March 19, 2010
I love this. As an honorary Jew, my cookies always involve coconut. What a relief to develop a recipe with almonds and my cookie press is now on hold at WmS for only $40...I signed on for this - dear God, what is a cookie press? I am not a baker, clearly. Deep breath.
Amanda H. March 21, 2010
Cookie presses are ripe for revival.
Kelsey B. March 21, 2010
I LOVE my cookie press, you will come to love yours as well! :)
pierino March 19, 2010
Hey, take that you vegan horde! I love spring lamb. But go ahead and try finding it. 95% of the lamb sold in the US comes from Austrailia and New Zealand. And it's crap. Great stuff raised in the USA (Colorado) and Iceland. But try sourcing real "spring lamb" and we are going to have problems in the competition.
dymnyno March 19, 2010
Go to the website or call: (707) 431-8161 and there are numerous places throughout CA to buy local lamb. Good luck all! I am off to Houston, Dallas, Austin, then the Atlanta Wine Auction and finally to Charleston. No time to cook this week...will be eating out every night.
thirschfeld March 20, 2010
I am getting ready to walk to my neighbors not for lamb, but going to go get a suckling lamb, funny I talked to him about suckling lamb the other day. I agree with you about the Australian and NZ lamb.
pierino March 20, 2010
My entry will be one of those classic Roman dishes I could make in my sleep. Actually, so simple that I could have someone make it for me while I sleep. I'm provisioned up and ready to go.
aargersi March 19, 2010
I. Love. Lamb.
dymnyno March 19, 2010
You already have a great recipe...I have made your Rockin the Casbah lamb shanks twice!! can't get that song out of my head!
aargersi March 20, 2010
Oh good! I am so glad you made and liked it!!! You are in Austin this week? I will message you with my email and cell number - maybe we can meet if schedules allow - will you be at the Wine Merchant?
Jocelyn G. March 19, 2010
Too bad you didn't ask for the best coconut macaroons. My best macaroon recipe is actually Alice Medrich's Coconut Saras. They are divine.
Jocelyn G. March 19, 2010
(Not that I would have submitted that as my own creation.)
Amanda H. March 21, 2010
Don't worry, we didn't think you would!
mrslarkin March 19, 2010
Excellent! Just in time for Easter/Passover.
Merrill S. March 19, 2010
Mardi M. March 19, 2010
Macaroons or macarons?