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April  2, 2010

Starting Sunday at midnight, you can submit entries for Your Best Asparagus Recipe and Your Best (Yeast) Bread.


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AntoniaJames April 7, 2010
I just noticed in the header to the bread contest that the editors are looking for "impressive loft." This would seem to exclude fine-crumbed, more densely-textured loaf breads, referred to by some as traditional American sandwich breads. Is that correct? Thank you. ;o)
pierino April 5, 2010
This is not April Fool. I just read that Harper Collins is shutting down it's HarperStudio imprint scarcely a week after Bob Miller was brought in to head it up.
Amanda H. April 5, 2010
Bob Miller created the imprint more than a year ago, so although he wasn't there that long, it was certainly longer than a week! Harper Collins is a big place -- most of the HS books will likely be absorbed by editors at HC. Not to worry.
pierino April 5, 2010
I should have remembered the part about him founding the imprint...
Mariya April 4, 2010
YAAY! Very excited for the yeast bread! It's going to be a great challenge-and a delicious one for the days following (sandwiches, bruschetta, grilled cheese, paninis...salivating :-)
dymnyno April 4, 2010
OOOOh Yes! a little rain and a little sun and we have asparagus! Lucky me ...the former vineyard manager planted a bed of asparagus which I enjoy .You can almost watch them grow!
TheWimpyVegetarian April 4, 2010
I have weather envy! I've tried to grow asparagus twice and we just get too much fog and coolness for them I guess where we are. They do great in my kitchen window until I plant them outside.
coffeefoodwrite April 5, 2010
How exciting! It must be so wonderful to have asparagus straight out of the garden! It must taste wonderful!
pierino April 4, 2010
My New Years' resolutions for 2009 included getting my hands back into dough and studying bread chemistry. Mostly it was a success but I never did get to try Jim Lahey's "no knead" method, which includes an 18 hour rise. Unfortunately this week I'm traveling and doubt that I'll have 18 consecutive hours to observe yeast at work. But we'll see what happens.
monkeymom April 3, 2010
Ah! Thanks for choosing a veggie theme! Can't wait to see what people will do with both.
Merrill S. April 4, 2010
You're very welcome. We were looking forward to a veggie theme as much as you all were!
drbabs April 3, 2010
I'll be on vacation this week (Anyone know any good restaurants on Kauai?), but I'll look forward to testing the editors' picks next week when I'm back home. Have a great week!
arielleclementine April 3, 2010
how lovely! have so much fun!
Amanda H. April 3, 2010
Fun! Hope you return with some Kauai-influenced ideas.
EmilyNunn April 3, 2010
Does bread mean rolls are are we loaf-centric?
Amanda H. April 3, 2010
Rolls are good.
aargersi April 3, 2010
4 pounds of asparagus have been purchased and we are ready to get cookin'. Yay!
coffeefoodwrite April 2, 2010
TheWimpyVegetarian April 2, 2010
Yea!! I love asparagus. On the yeast breads, that includes sweet yeast breads too - yes?
mrslarkin April 3, 2010
oh, good question!!
Amanda H. April 3, 2010
Great question -- we should have clarified. We mean savory.
Lizthechef April 2, 2010
Good - we are ready in CA...Peak of season for asparagus! Thanks - and deliver me from yeast, thank you very much.
lastnightsdinner April 2, 2010
Uh, that's themE, with an e.
lastnightsdinner April 2, 2010
Ha! I knew an asparagus them wasn't too far away :)
pierino April 5, 2010
I'm down with this, but watch for more unconventional weapons. I may go all El Bulli...