April Fools' Day

You Think You're Artisanal?

April  1, 2013

We see the writing on the wall -- you want your pickled eggs, your heritage millet, your rusty chicken coops, maybe a prairie linen or two. You like artisanal? We'll show you artisanal. How many of you can say you milk your own cows to butter your morning toast? A&M show you how, 19th-century-farmstead style.

A big thanks to our Videosmith Kyle Orosz, and the lovely people of Bobolink Dairy -- and Liberty the cow -- for enabling our milking. 

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creamtea April 3, 2013
Two thumbs up, way up!
micook April 2, 2013
Very clever!
boardandspoon April 2, 2013
Really funny, and loved that you shot at Bobolink Dairy, my favorite dairy farm!!
janscott April 2, 2013
So fun! Super impressive....
mcs3000 April 2, 2013
Best. April. Fools. Ever.
Bee @. April 1, 2013
Wow, this is really impressive! You definitely get the Palme d'Or for the best April's fool joke!
walkie74 April 1, 2013
*crying laughing, especially at Merrill and the cell phone*

This was awesome! thanks ladies! Keep up the good work!
calendargirl April 1, 2013
Hilarious! Thank you for the best April Fool's treat ever.
Passion April 1, 2013
You got me. I was very disappointed. That even looked like a bull not a cow...
Michele M. April 1, 2013
Oh wow, you guys are the best! Still smiling.
jbrother April 1, 2013
Great job, although it would have probably been easier to milk a milk cow rather than a beef cow! :-{} Funny!
BetsyLynnS April 1, 2013
You "got me"!! Nice April fool's!
Nomnomnom April 1, 2013
Great job! This really made me laugh!
Meighm01 April 1, 2013
I love this! Well done!
pattycakes April 1, 2013
Funny video, ladies. Reminded me of milking with my grandfather, who fed the cows, then hobbled their back legs while he milked both to prevent getting himself kicked and preventing the cow from kicking over the milk bucket. That cow had a prodigious pair of horns, and I'm glad she didn't hook you, City Girl!
Cindy C. April 1, 2013
Droplet April 1, 2013
Clara's photo reminded me of the Little Rascals...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfrM9Yh5VnM
Droplet April 1, 2013
LOL...Thank you for the laugh. The best :)
Since I write about food and history... I found your April 1 look a perfect fit! Very well done and a hoot to watch.
bugbitten April 1, 2013
Great gag! Nice work by everyone in the film, especially the stunt doubles!