Help Us Find Pinterest Scouts for Our New Shop!

May 14, 2013

If you haven't heard us shouting it from the rooftops, Food52 is about to launch Provisions, a brand new kitchen and home shop!

We'll be working hard to bring you the most beautiful and functional wares for your kitchen, pantry, and home. But we still want Provisions to retain the sense of community that makes Food52 so special -- because crowd-sourcing shouldn't just stop at recipes. Now here's where you come in.

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We want to use Pinterest to collect ideas for future shop products: handcrafted ceramics, hard-to-find ingredients, and bakeware that's as pretty as it is reliable. And we're looking for Provisions scouts to help us find them.

Provisions scouts are those people you follow on Pinterest who already love searching for stylish kitchen and home products -- and we need your help finding them! You can help us out by sharing the name or the Pinterest page of your favorite pinners in the comments of this post. We'll use this as a jumping off point for our scouting team, and the best part is this: if we choose to stock a product that one of our scouts shares, we'll send them a free one!

Fill us in on your favorite pinners, and you'll have even more beautiful goods to choose from once Provisions launches this summer. To add a little incentive, and because we like you, we'll be offering a $50 shop credit to one lucky commenter on this post!


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    Bryan Harrell
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    Faye Pantazopoulos
Marian Bull

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Bryan H. February 21, 2014
I love this spice blend. I think it'd be great for this. It makes everything taste better and I think it's really original. It's not on Pintrest but I found the website
kathrynetee June 12, 2013
jellyfishheart May 23, 2013
Heidi Swanson -
Siriah -
And here is mine -
SuSu May 16, 2013
not pinterest but i wld be remiss not to highly recommend this always enticing tumble log
Faye P. May 16, 2013
justina blakeney
Shannon E. May 16, 2013
FoodieGoesHealthy May 16, 2013
Here's my kitchen casual style:
iamthehealer May 15, 2013 has GREAT boards w/a good number of followers. Provisions would work well for their Hostess (entertaining/foodie stuff), #57 (design/home)... some others might work, too.
Emma H. May 15, 2013
Nikole Herriot of Herriot and Grace!
absolutelee May 15, 2013
Zaboo M. May 15, 2013 has some nice boards.
Mandy @. May 15, 2013
this girl is cool:
Jenna T. May 14, 2013
Shop Fog Linen
Johanna Lowe
Spenser Magazine
All perfect for Provisions!
viblanco May 14, 2013
Try relevant boards of:
betsy.schoettlin May 14, 2013
Check out my Kitchen Tools board! As an artist, foodie and chocolatier, I am always on the quest for the most beautiful, practical and just plain desirable tools and supplies for my kitchen.
kittykatofdoom May 14, 2013
Justina Blakeney has a great aesthetic:
and I'll throw my own hat in the ring just for kicks:
HeviCooks May 14, 2013
My ceramics! Sold at Steven Alan:
ErinMR May 14, 2013
Absolutely perfect for this task is....
Julie S. May 14, 2013
Julie S. May 14, 2013