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April 16, 2010

In honor of Mother's Day, we're giving you another free-form contest theme (and we'd like you to upload a photo of your mother with your submission). And to celebrate spring, we're asking for a refreshing drink (no booze required). 

Starting Sunday at midnight, you can submit recipes for The Best Recipe or Technique Your Mother Taught You and Your Best Spring Refresher.


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coffeefoodwrite April 19, 2010
Hi A&M -- I am not able to submit any previous recipes submitted for previous contests (the computer will not allow it -- no "edit/submit to this contest" button for anything previously submitted to a contest.) Am I not allowed to? thanks!
Annelle April 19, 2010
Good question...I was wondering about the same thing!
Amanda H. April 20, 2010
We're looking into this -- thanks for letting us know!
AntoniaJames April 20, 2010
When I go to the page for each current contest, and look at all of the recipes already submitted by others, and then go down to the bottom, all of my recipes -- including those that I've submitted to earlier contests -- appear with a "Submit to Contest" option to the right of each. Have you tried that? ;o)
coffeefoodwrite April 20, 2010
I'll give it a shot - thanks for the suggestion AJ!
coffeefoodwrite April 20, 2010
Thx. AJ -- it worked that way. Although, A&M, I still cannot edit anything previously submitted (but not picked). Are we not allowed to edit after something has been submitted for a contest (but not picked). Thanks again!
Merrill S. April 20, 2010
You should be allowed to edit those recipes, but it seems we're experiencing some technical difficulties. For now, if you can put your edits in the comments section, we'll make sure to take them into account when choosing finalists. Sorry about this!
coffeefoodwrite April 21, 2010
Will do...thx!
drbabs April 18, 2010
I just had the most hilarious wonderful conversation with my mother about food and cooking (with my father--who really is the better cook--yelling comments in the background). Thank you for suggesting this and for giving me one more reason to be thankful that I still have both of my parents.
Lizthechef April 18, 2010
Thanks for the Mom's Day theme, a poignant holiday for me. This will be a nice way to honor my mother's memory. She would so dig food52! If only I had saved the 7 page letter she sent me when I was 22, "How to Stuff and Roast a Turkey"...
Merrill S. April 20, 2010
You're very welcome, Liz.
Kayb April 18, 2010 about tough choices. Got to think on this one, or submit several recipes.
Amanda H. April 19, 2010
Several are welcome.
clintonhillbilly April 18, 2010
My mom makes the best mac and cheese in the world -- but she got the recipe off of a box of noodles sometime in the 70s -- can that be submitted?
Amanda H. April 19, 2010
Great question -- is the company still in business? Did she make the recipe as is, or did she tweak it? If the company is no longer in business, but you credit the company, we think this is ok -- works as an homage. However if they are still in business and still printing the recipe, then probably not.
dymnyno April 18, 2010
This will be fun. My mother's lack of cooking skills were part of the impetus for me to develop my own. She was an adventurous eater so dining on unusual cuisines involved some creative choices.
KitchenKim April 17, 2010
It would be a shame if the first recipe I submitted on Food52 was my mother's microwavable cake!
gluttonforlife April 17, 2010
Does "refresher" mean non-alcoholic?
Merrill S. April 17, 2010
Alcohol is optional for this one.
student E. April 17, 2010
lovely! looking forward to both of these =)
thirschfeld April 17, 2010
Does a fried bologna and egg sandwich count as a original recipe?
TheWimpyVegetarian April 17, 2010
Oh my gosh, I used to LOVE fried bologna and egg sandwiches when i was growing up!
theicp April 16, 2010
This is a tricky one for me. I'm guessing order in and pick up doesn't count as a cooking technique...but I'm totally down with a spring cocktail!
CatherineTornow April 16, 2010
Finally! A contest to which i have something to contribute. My mom is awesome, a horrible cook, with only one culinary trick to contribute to the world.
MrsWheelbarrow April 16, 2010
What a nice idea.
TheWimpyVegetarian April 16, 2010
What a really lovely idea. My mom is gone now, but I love to visit memories of her through her recipes. She started her marriage to my dad barely knowing how to boil water and I found recently letters she wrote to her mother-in-law asking advice on how to cook steak for her first dinner party. Over the years, she graduated to being written up in the (very small) local paper for her cooking, posting some of her favorite recipes. Go Mom!
katekirk April 18, 2010
My grandmother was a canned soup variety cook so my mother's skills were few to start with, but when she encountered Julia Child in the 70s, it was like a revelation. After that, I grew up on truly wonderful food and great family nights around the table. I wished that we could have watched Julie & Julia together, since it was a similar story of finding yourself through food...but alas, she is gone and so I just watched and cried (happily) by myself! I will have to decide what to submit from her.
MrsWheelbarrow April 18, 2010
My mother's cooking talents were limited when she married, but she, too, was inspired by Julia Child and went on to be a very good cook who relied heavily on cookbooks from the greats. I'd bet there are a number of us - second generation cooks with Julia & the other PBS chefs to thank. (PS katekirk - noticed you are in Washington, DC. Several of the DC Food52'ers are meeting next Sunday for a Potluck Brunch. If you can make it, please send me a message via the food52 message system.)
aargersi April 16, 2010
What a great theme! I just got off the phone with my Mom and we picked a couple things out. Had a nice chat, too, so thanks!
mrslarkin April 16, 2010
arielleclementine April 16, 2010
yeesss! so cute!
Loves F. April 16, 2010
Love it!