Sweet and Spicy Pickled Ramps

May  7, 2010

A&M make Sweet & Spicy Pickled Ramps by MissGinsu and find themselves fancying a gimlet (tough to say whether this is a pairing suggestion or a reflection of their state of mind). For the top notch lighting, sound and editing, we have filmmaker Joshua Hume to thank.

To find out more about ramps, check out our interview with a local ramp forager.

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Rhonda35 May 23, 2010
These look/sound soooo yummy - I have a thing for pickled onions and the like. I make the pickled onions from the Food52 beef cheek tacos all the time. Now I've got something new to try. Love the idea of fenegreek in this recipe. I had to laugh at Merrill's comment about how Amanda (with her tiny pickled ramp taste) would be singing "la-la-la" while Merrill (with her larger ramp taste) would be wiping out people left and right...reminded me of something Tad wrote about how he imagines Amanda sits at her computer, prose flowing from her fingers, while she sings "la-la-la!" You're getting a reputation, sistah-friend! (I think it's a happy, good one, by the way.) Both ramp videos are really well done - you gals are clear, concise, share interesting information and, of course, look fabulous! Love the Rachael Ray tip - she is a clever gal, that RR.
Rhonda35 May 23, 2010
p.s. Merrill, I would be in your camp - chomping on ramps and not worrying about my dragon breath!
lastnightsdinner May 8, 2010
Mike recently pickled some ramps (as well as tiny onions) for Gibsons using a different recipe - we'll definitely have to try this version! Another fun cocktail garnish option is to skewer a pickled ramp along with an olive and serve with a bloody mary. Another fun set of videos, and great finalist recipes - it's so hard to choose a favorite!