Pinterest Scout Spotlight: Cindy Rahe

July 25, 2013

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The launch date for Provisions is fast approaching. You’ll be able to join in on the fun in no time -- but for now, you can get a feel for what’s ahead by taking a look at our ever-expanding Provisions Pinterest board.

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Cindy RaheA Hungry Girl por Vida Brownies

One of our newest Pinterest scouts is Cindy Rahe, the writer, cook, and photographer behind A Hungry Girl por Vida. She cooks and bakes from central Michigan, where she lives with her husband and dogs. It seems that, like us, she can usually be found in the kitchen. 

Cindy knows her brownies. Sometimes, she'll add cayenne and oatmeal to a batch. Other times: ricotta and hazelnuts or cocoa nibs and pecans. She’s also somewhat of an authority on the kind of kitchenware that performs as well as it photographs. Take a look at what Cindy has found for us so far:  

Banded Butter Dish

A banded butter dish from Harabu House

 Flawed Gold-Plated Bowl

A gold-plated bowl from Gretel Home

 Ceramic "Enamel" Pie Dishes

Sweetly simple ceramic "enamel" pie dishes from World Market

 "Frame" Brass Bottle Opener

brass bottle opener from Muhs Home

 Large Pebble Serving Bowl

An ocean-colored large pebble serving bowl from Gretel Home 

Like our Provisions products, our scouts come from all over. Here they are, all in one place:   

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Chelsea from Frolic Blog
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Rylee Hitchner
Naomi from Bakers Royale
Cindy Rahe from Hungry Girl por Vida
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Megan Gilger from The Fresh Exchange
Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo from Little Upside Down Cake


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