Pinterest Scout Spotlight: Alice Gao

August  8, 2013

Provisions is finally here! Have you fallen in love with this torte pan yet? Fired up your grill in anticipation of these gourmet grilling planks? Mixed up a cocktail in this gold-plated cobbler? We thought that might happen. Before you pour yourself another drink, though, we want to direct your attention to one of our Pinterest scouts: Alice Gao.

Alice has quickly made a name for herself in the photography world (and you're probably already following her on Instagram). She has a great eye for unique designs and she has an impeccable, minimalist palette, all of which you can find on her blog, Lingered Upon. It's for these very reasons that we're not surprised that Alice was our very first Pinterest scout to source a product for Provisions.

She discovered these burlap textured dessert plates, and we knew we had to have them.

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Burlap-textured plates Burlap textured dessert plate set

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Food52 is first and foremost a community, and we wanted to include that sense of community in Provisions, too. Crowd-sourcing products through our Pinterest scouts is an exciting way to do that, and we're so grateful for their enthusiasm and impeccable taste. Keep an eye out for more scout-sourced items in our upcoming collections!

And here's a bonus: Alice didn't stop with the burlap plates. Check out everything else she's pinned to our Provisions board:

Black mug

Black coffee mug by Still House


Teroforma carafe by Still House

Stackable containers

Three bowl stack by Still House

Wooden ring bowls

Ring bowls by Merchant No. 4

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Written by: MaggieRosenthal

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