Provisions is Now Open!

August  6, 2013

Welcome to Provisions from Food52

We're cutting the ribbon to our online shop! You may want to bake a cake to celebrate -- and we just happen to have the perfect cake stand for you.

For months, we've been working to build you the kitchen-and-home shop you deserve. A place where you can find a handsome serving platter with a great summer salad recipe to serve on it -- or a sleek trident barspoon with a selection of Labor Day cocktail recipes.

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Provisions is an online shop, yes, but it's also much more. Over the past few years, we've been working to create a new model for food sites. One that's high quality, trustworthy, collaborative, and comprehensive, so that you can get everything you need in your cooking life in one place. 

Provisions products from Food52

Until now, a place like this hasn't existed. You've been instrumental in helping us get here -- with your excellent recipes and photos, your helpful answers on the Hotline, and your breadth of knowledge about all things food and cooking related.

With Provisions, we'll be sourcing the best products for your kitchen and home, also with your help. You may already know about our Provisions Scouts -- stay tuned for more opportunities to participate!

We hope Food52 and Provisions will be the source you turn to for everything from recipes to wedding gifts. We want to be the food site that you, our community, love and deserve.

As a special welcome, we've given you a $10 credit towards your first purchase of $50 or more, which will appear at checkout. And if you feel like spreading the word, here's a handy hashtag: #F52Provisions

Go ahead, get lost in the shop of our dreams!

Amanda & Merrill and the Food52 Team

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    Emma Wartzman
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Yulia September 29, 2020
looks great
Waverly August 6, 2013
This looks great. Congratulations!
Pegeen August 6, 2013
Congratulations! It has a great look and feel. Kudos to all who probably worked very hard on it: not so easy to set up an e-commerce site and coordinate with multiple vendors. Wishing you much $uccess. Well done!
Sarah_Sherwood August 6, 2013
Congratulations!! It looks amazing.
Emma W. August 6, 2013
So exciting!!!