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May 21, 2010

Starting Sunday at midnight, give us Your Best String Bean Salad and Your Best Potato Salad.


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  • Dat Nguyen Tan
    Dat Nguyen Tan
  • Lizthechef
  • fiveandspice
  • Kayb
  • drbabs
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Dat N. November 11, 2017
Check this out!
Lizthechef May 23, 2010
Just when I was ready to have a brief vacation from food52, my inner chef kicked in - I'm down for this.
fiveandspice May 23, 2010
I'm musing, and I'm wondering what is it that makes something a potato salad (vs. a potato dish) - what are the necessary components? Thanks!
Amanda H. May 23, 2010
Mayonnaise or other kind of oil-based dressing. Served room temperature or warm. Hope that helps!
Kayb May 22, 2010
Ahhhhh.....potato salad! I LOVE potato salad. It's my very favorite comfort food, and I have about eight different kinds I like to make. Now to narrow down which ones I'll enter....
Merrill S. May 23, 2010
Decisions, decisions...
drbabs May 22, 2010
Check this out!
drbabs May 22, 2010
Not that it has anything at all to do with food.
Kayb May 22, 2010
Good Lord. Makes my back hurt to watch!
drbabs May 23, 2010
Kayb, you can't do that?!
Kayb May 23, 2010
Not 40 years ago when I was an adolescent.....and most assuredly not now!
Merrill S. May 23, 2010