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May 28, 2010

Starting Sunday at midnight, give us Your Best Pork Sandwich and Your Best Strawberries.

Pork Sandwich Strawberries

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pierino June 1, 2010
I actually really like scrapple mysef. But I think of it as a Pennsyvania thing not necessarily a Philly thing. It's a big state. I wouldn't mind having some for breakfast right now.
cheese1227 June 1, 2010
I can't say that I've had scrapple as sold in the local grocery store. But I did try some at a place called Pomona's in Biglerville (in Adams County about 15 minutes North of Gettysburg the link is: where the chef sources everything locally and makes his own. It was a very rich, almost pate consistency with a taste like an English sausage.
pierino May 30, 2010
Chicago Blackhawks up one game over the dirt bags from Philly. Chicago, hog butcher to the nation; I'm rev'ed up. I'm ready for a fried pig ear sandwich right now. I'll be dusting off my whole arsenal of pig supply parts as soon as it's 12:00. "Snout incoming! Pass the liverwurst! Don't be a sissy! Shut up and eat your porchetta! What part of a pig are you afraid to eat? The oink?" I'll also be bringing in mercs from New Orleans and San Francisco in our just cause. And I'm channeling Chairman Mao who was a great lover of pork belly. Hey, knock it off with the tacos alright?
AntoniaJames May 31, 2010
Whatever you think of the Flyers, you have to give Philly credit for giving the world one of the all-time great pork-part-products, scrapple. I am not afraid to admit to loving the stuff. I know, a lot of people think it's horrid. Have you ever tried it?
pierino May 30, 2010
Yes, ma'am bring it please...
pierino May 30, 2010
Well then, how about "your best pork sandwich with strawberries"?
AntoniaJames May 30, 2010
Don't laugh . . . I make a killer strawberry balsamic mustard that is really tasty on a roast pork sandwich!
pierino May 30, 2010
Some people are up to their ears in strawberries. I'm up to mine in "Tasty Salted Pig Parts". Yum! Nduja anyone?
gluttonforlife June 1, 2010
No one said it couldn't be a pork SAUSAGE sandwich, did they?
Amanda H. June 1, 2010
Fine by us!
cheese1227 May 29, 2010
Would it be too cheeky just to submit Aliwaks recipe and say "slice and place on fresh bread" ???
monkeymom May 29, 2010
I second that. I just bought some rapini at the farmer's market...they go together so well!
Amanda H. May 29, 2010
We're fans of cheeky.
Aliwaks May 29, 2010
Excellent timing I have 2 quarts of slightly over ripe strawberries I was trying to figure out what to do with!
NakedBeet May 29, 2010
Does anyone know if farm fresh strawberries are available yet at Union Square yet? I need to get myself to a farm if it's the last thing I do this summer.
lastnightsdinner May 29, 2010
Lucy's Greenmarket Report indicates Tri-Stars were at the market on Friday, so I'd say it's a good bet!
AntoniaJames May 28, 2010
I can hardly wait to see what this group comes up, for both contests. This is so fun!!
Lizthechef May 28, 2010
So happy to finally see strawberries. We are up to our ears here in San Diego. Fortunately, it has been a cool spring and the local "star" berries are still available.
Loves F. May 28, 2010
Pork sandwiches, here I come!
mrslarkin May 28, 2010
More details, please!
Amanda H. May 29, 2010
The pork sandwich can be any kind of sandwich, as long as it involves pork in some way (cured, roasted, salumi, braised, barbequed, etc.). And for strawberries, it's any use of strawberries -- in dessert, in fruit salad, in a savory dish -- just needs to be a driving flavor of the dish.