Deena Prichep One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf

Deensiebat is a Portland-based blogger working in public radio who has reported for NPR on topics like gefilte fish and cargo bikes (check out her website for more great stories, food-related and otherwise, that she's covered for NPR and Portland Monthly magazine). We always learn something new from deensiebat's recipes -- like what to do when there's a sale on whole salmon, how to use fresh spinach in spanakopita without the hassles of pre-cooking and squeezing, and how to enjoy rhubarb all year long. You also may recognize deensiebat as the winner of our New Year's Resolution contest with her legendary One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf and as the runner-up in our holiday cookie contest with a lovely apricot ruggelach recipe adapted from her grandma. Check out deensiebat's profile page and fan her here.

Read her profile Q&A below:

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  • What do you cook when home alone?
    It's a bit embarassing what passes for dinner when I'm home alone. Popcorn, salad and cocktails? Bread, cheese and wine? Potstickers and raw carrots? All valid.
  • Your most treasured kitchen possession:
    My sister, mother and grandmother all pooled together to buy me a Kitchenaid mixer one year. I think I love it for its matriarchal connections as much as for its egg beating.
  • The ideal number of guests for a dinner party is:
    As many as can fit.

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Amber O. June 1, 2010
Last week made your North African Spiced Halibut dish for a dinner party and it was so phenomenal, our mouths were all atingle (is that a word?)! Really love your stuff...congrats for the recognition as we wind down to the final weeks of the first food52!!!
WinnieAb June 1, 2010
Congrats deensiebat! Love your kale and quinoa pilaf!
deensiebat June 1, 2010
mrslarkin May 31, 2010
Lovely to see you here in the spotlight, deensiebat!
drbabs May 31, 2010
Nice to see you featured, Deenie. Really have enjoyed your kale and quinoa recipe!
thirschfeld May 31, 2010
really like your recipes and so glad to see you in the spotlight.
healthierkitchen May 31, 2010
Congratulations deensiebat! We've been making and loving your kale and quinoa for months!
Annelle May 31, 2010
Congrats! Your Kale/Quinoa recipe will always be a favorite! I've had lots of 'greens' of all sorts this spring, and they all work really well. Such a wonderful, healthy recipe!!
Thank you!!
lastnightsdinner May 31, 2010
Another great cook in the spotlight - yay, deensiebat!