Hal Grano and Jill Kaufman-Grano of Utility Canvas

September  8, 2013

We think every merchant we work with for Provisions is special -- but when we find one with a great story, we'll be featuring them here. Because we want to tell the world about our favorite makers. 

Today: How Hal Grano and Jillian Kaufman-Grano of Utility Canvas made us fall in love with a picnic blanket

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Chances are, if you've lounged outside in the past year, you've brought something to sit on, likely as an afterthought -- an old sheet, or perhaps a spare towel. We were the same way, until we tried the Quilted Throw Blanket from Utility Canvas. See, the designers, Hal Grano and Jillian Kaufman-Grano, managed to create the platonic ideal of a picnic blanket. It's sturdy without being uncomfortable, plush while remaining rugged, utilitarian without losing any of its charm. 


This balance in design comes from the synthesis of Jillian and Hal's talents and passions. Jill has a background in fashion, while Hal was a canoe guide in Maine for several summers. After working in fashion design, Jillian left the industry to pursue art and, one day, out of necessity, made a canvas bag to carry her art supplies in. 

20 years after that chance design, canvas continues to be their...canvas of choice. The key to their vision is simplicity and versatility, combined with timeless style. And, of course, a perfect marriage of skills.   

Head to Provisions and try out this blanket for yourself.

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