Travel Food Photo Contest: Off the Beaten Path

June  9, 2010

We received over 1,600 submissions in our travel food photo contest with Tablet Hotels and, although the photos below didn't make it to the finals, they made us laugh and we thought that ought to be rewarded.

Tell us your favorite in the comments section below and we'll award the winner with a special prize for going off the beaten path.

  • Troll
  • Angelika Schubert, Los Angeles


  • Guinea Pig, Cusco
  • Ann Kramer, Cusco, Peru (to preemptively answer your question: it's a guinea pig. Kramer says, "I hope you enjoy the photo more than I enjoyed the meal.")


  • Florianopolis, Brazil
  • Lilia DeGregory, Florianopolis, Brazil


  • Emily Larkin and Nice Horsey by Liz Larkin


  • The house dog at Casa de Mita wanting some bacon.
  • The house dog at Casa de Mita wanting some bacon by Tom Keener


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    Kelsey Banfield
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    Kitchen Butterfly
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maelewis June 9, 2010
We clearly have different tastes when it comes to travel food photos. I was thinking National Geographic Moment, someplace exotic and colorful as the perfect destination to enjoy something unusual and delicious. I am sorry to be so critical but the dog, the horse, Chuckie and steak do not really give any sense of place or of travel. The guinea pig photo is out of focus and that leaves the Brazilian juice stand. Unfortunately, the only food in the picture are the pineapple decorations instead of seeing tropical fruit and juices. I glad that these photo made you laugh; I am going to have to work on my sense of humor.
Kelsey B. June 9, 2010
I have to go with Brazil. That is just too funny!
Mariya June 9, 2010
The cute doggie!
wph June 9, 2010
I thought the brazil picture was hilarious until I scrolled down. The dog steals the show.
Kitchen B. June 9, 2010
But I also love the juice stand in Brazil with the 'hotties'. Sorry, couldn't resist
Kitchen B. June 9, 2010
The dog is supremely cute!
lacerise June 9, 2010
Definitely the dog. Not a chihuahua fan, but this is a great photo.
Rhonda35 June 9, 2010
I LOVE the little dog begging for bacon! He/she reminds me of my treasured "Devil Dog" ceramic planter from my grandmother - same eyes. I also very much like the photo of the beefcake and two cupcakes standing by the street vendor.
mrslarkin June 9, 2010
Funny! Well, I think y'all know which one I'm voting for. Sconegirl is gonna flip when she sees her photo here. Thx! Go Mets!
aargersi June 9, 2010
I'll have to say I love that silly little dog - though I am a sucker for a horse as well ...