Amanda & Merrill Make Ethiopian Coffee with a Starbucks Coffee Master

September 29, 2013

Coffee is our constant companion, occasional lifesaver. We drink it to pull us out of dreamland, to keep us alert at the office, and as an excuse to linger with friends after a nice meal. One of the best parts about coffee is it's never more than a few minutes away. Grind some beans, put the water on to boil and you're good to go. It's so simple we can do it before we’re even fully awake. But how many of us have ever truly thought about what goes into that life-saving cup of joe? 

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Enter Brandon, Starbucks coffee master and defender of the caffeine commandments. Just in time for National Coffee Day, he stopped by to chat with Amanda and Merrill about the coffee-making process from beginning to end -- starting with the beans. In this case, it's their new core coffee from Ethiopia -- a single-origin blend celebrating Ethiopia’s rich heritage as the birthplace of coffee.

Bonus: Discover a whole new way to drink your favorite cuppa. It's called “the Slurp.”

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 Video by Kyle Orosz


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Kacia September 29, 2013
Thanks for sharing this! To make the coffee tasting just slightly more in-depth, try the full smell, slurp, locate (where tastes hit your tongue) and describe method we (I've worked for Starbucks almost 4 years) use. It helps a lot with being able to learn more about the subtleties and complexities of coffee!