Provisions Pinterest Roundup: Table Linens

October 10, 2013

We've been feeling the chill slowly creeping into the air, but it's the chill we look forward to because it means fall is really in full swing. This is the season of dinner parties, when we're less likely to spontaneously stop by a local restuarant than we would be on a summer stroll, and the autumnal bounty at the farmer's market is inspiring us to invite friends over to share what we've made. Every detail of a party, right down to the pattern of your cloth napkins, sets the stage for what keeps people coming back weekend after weekend -- and we think it's an easy way liven up your weeknights, too! 

We love our linens -- have you seen Our Favorite Linens collection yet? -- whether it's napkins, tea towels, or dish towels. You can find the linens we want to see in our dream kitchens at Provisions, and scroll down to find out what our Provisions Pinterest Scouts want in theirs:

Color napkin set

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Auntie Oti color napkin set pinned by Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo

Tea towels

Tea towels pinned by Beth Kirby

Table runners

Table runners pinned by Cindy Rahe

Bar towel

Bar towel pinned by Ashley Rodriguez

Striped napkin

Striped napkin pinned by Beth Kirby

Kitchen conversions tea towel

Kitchen conversions tea towel pinned by Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo

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Written by: MaggieRosenthal

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