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June 18, 2010


Starting Sunday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Cherry Recipe.

This is the third contest Whole Foods Market will be sponsoring, awarding the winner with a $100 gift card. At the end of this 8-week summer promotion, one of these winning recipe authors will be awarded the Grand Prize: a $1,000 gift card!

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Our longtime partner OXO will continue to award a bounty of kitchen products to the winner and runner-up. So for 8 weeks, we're talking double prizes!


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Jane E. June 21, 2010
Sweet, ripe cherries are so perfect it is almost a sin to do a whole lot to them. This looks fast and easy and the kids would like it and the cherry flavor would still prevail.
Mariya June 20, 2010
I'm so excited about this one! I love cherries-especially on the beach-reminds me of when I was little and our family and friends went a summer house each year. We (the girls) used to make cherry earrings-by finding two cherries, joined at the stem, and hanging them over our ears! So great!
Hilarybee June 20, 2010
We have cherries here in Southwest Ohio, but mostly sour cherries (my favorite!). This gives me motivation to pit them all =)
Sagegreen June 20, 2010
Our cherries just went on sale here! I am inspired for chilled soups. My Hungarian grandmother always worked wonders in cherry season.
Lizthechef June 19, 2010
In tears, remembering a joyful reunion with a pal from 50 years ago, and her grandma-in-law's recipe...
TheWimpyVegetarian June 20, 2010
I love how food unearths forgotten sweet memories. The whiff of some foods whisk me back to my childhood in an instant.
lapadia June 19, 2010
Well, here in Washington St., they are not in season yet, but the markets are carrying ones from California. As luck would have it, we are at the very end of what I vacuum sealed and froze from last year! Hmmm, now what shall I use them for...
MyCommunalTable June 19, 2010
I have not seen thecherries yet in chicago, but maybe at Tuesday's market.
aargersi June 19, 2010
They are on sale here too! Just bought a boatload - hopefully something good will come of it!!
dymnyno June 19, 2010
Cherries, cherries are everywhere in the Valley this stoplights, roadside stands, farmers' markets and local groceries. Down in Napa, Whole Foods has a mountain sized display of them. It is just about high season for my favorite fruit.
Heena June 18, 2010
I don't believe this!! I was planning a trip to the Farmers' Market tomorrow just to buy these little beauties. More inspiration!