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Provisions Pinterest Roundup: Tea Time

October 24, 2013

Whether you're a tea-in-the-morning, a cuppa-before-bed, or a brew-any-time-at-any-hour kind of person, tea time is more than just a moment to relax and breathe in the aroma of your green tea or English Breakfast tea. For us, it's time out of our busy lives to take a moment to ourselves -- and a great excuse to put our feet up in style. Maybe you do as the Brits do, and serve yours with scones on the side, or maybe you're a purist, and drink it with no distractions. 

Provisions: Tea Time

Whatever your cup of tea is, we're right there with you. Our Tea Time collection is a testament to our love of this daily ritual and the cookies and cakes it calls for.

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Our Pinterest scouts also understand that no kitchen is complete without a good teapot. It is an essential in any home, but essentials should be anything but boring. Scroll below to see how they envision tea time in their homes:

 Tea kettle

Tea kettle pinned by Hannah Ferrara


Japanese copper kettle

Japanese copper kettle pinned by Beth Kirby


Vintage Scandinavian teapot 

Vintage Scandinavian teapot pinned by Marte Marie Forsberg


More: Check out the tea pots and kettles we're stocking in Provisions.

Bonavita Kettle on Food52  Tea Kettle on Food52


Babaghuri teapot

Babaghuri teapot pinned by Beth Kirby


Fino kettle

Fino kettle pinned by Rosa Park


Enamel pottle

Enamel pottle pinned by Beth Kirby


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Written by: MaggieRosenthal

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