A Week's Worth of Recipes from Pok Pok

November  8, 2013

This week's guest editor is JJ Goode, the writer behind Andy Ricker's new cookbook, Pok Pok. This week, JJ shares some of his favorite recipes from the book, interviewed Andy about Thai cooking, and convinced us all to pick up a book and get in the kitchen.

Today, we'll take one last journey into Pok Pok's Thailand -- and we're giving away copies of the book!

Chefs often enjoy putting their own spins on food, reinterpreting or playing off classic dishes, making them fresh while establishing their own styles and identities. But Andy Ricker’s respect for Thai food, developed over his 20 years of travel to Thailand, is so powerful that its replication is his life’s work. No shortcuts, no substitutions, no cheating -- just dishes so true and accurate, that they are indistinguishable from their Thai archetypes.

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Here are the recipes JJ Goode shared this week that made Thailand seem so close to home. 

Andy Ricker's Yam Khai Dao (Fried Egg Salad)

Pok Pok's Salt-Crusted Fish with Chile Dipping Sauce


Pok Pok's Phat Si Ew 


Pok Pok's Khao Niaw Mamuang (Sticky Rice with Mango and Salty-Sweet Coconut Cream)

Photos by Austin Bush

We're giving away 3 copies of Pok Pok: Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes, and Roadside Restaurants of Thailand! To enter, leave a comment telling us about a recipe you've picked up while traveling. We'll pull winners next week!

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SuzannahJane November 13, 2013
Last time I was in Stockholm my husband and I did a meatball tour and I'm still trying to perfect it at home :)
cookinginvictoria November 11, 2013
While travelling in Ireland many years ago, I fell in love with delicious, slightly crumbly Irish brown bread, which I have tried to recreate it in my own kitchen. In Galway I liked it best slathered with sweet butter and topped with smoked salmon . . . heaven on earth!
Leigh A. November 11, 2013
My favorite recipe that I've picked up while traveling is tofu in tomato sauce that was served every where in Vietnam, especially in and around Hanoi.
Geri B. November 10, 2013
was taken out to a local restaurant in Santorini on our honeymoon and were introduced to fava. Started ordering it everywhere while there & asking for people tips on how to make it.
Andrea November 10, 2013
Norwegian sukker brod (sugar bread, or delicious cake!) while living in Panama, from a fellow volunteer, and tamales from my host family.
Yana November 10, 2013
Sví?ková with knedliky - traditional Czech dish.
Isi November 10, 2013
It's got to be greek feta salad whilst visiting the tiny greek island of amorgos. Simple but beautiful and always reminds me of that trip!
Lani November 10, 2013
Paella while living in Spain
Emily L. November 10, 2013
i lived in thailand for seven months and som tam sai khao neow (papaya salad with sticky rice) was by far my favorite street food- i think i ate it almost everyday! i've been trying to recreate it with ingredients available in the US with recipes from wonderful thai friends.
Darlene W. November 9, 2013
Haven't really picked up any recipes while traveling but I'd love to win the cookbook! Thanks!
Jennifer J. November 9, 2013
I learned how to cook Ethiopian food as a (non-Ethiopian) teenager hanging out with the maids & cooks I knew in Gondar Province. Specifically, I learned duba wot: spicy pumpkin stew that I rarely find on restaurant menus. I like to make it for friends who can handle the heat, during the winter months, when we all need some warmth.
sharon S. November 9, 2013
Fish cakes from Thomaston, Maine!
sks4321 November 9, 2013
Tandoori chicken with a side of cumin-spiced cauliflower from a roadside stand on the way to the Taj Mahal!
AmyL November 9, 2013
Hainan chicken with rice while I was in Singapore. Simply yet delicious street food.
hardlikearmour November 9, 2013
Mofongo from Puerto Rico.
Sarah D. November 9, 2013
Tortilla in Spain.
Kitchen B. November 9, 2013
Churros con chocolate in Barcelona. Its now become a favourite in our home!
Katie N. November 8, 2013
A recipe for baked ginger chicken wings (picked up from my travels to the bookstore)! :D
Angela N. November 8, 2013
Burmese Tea Leaf Salad
missfats November 8, 2013
I've recently been trying to recreate Nasi Lamak, my favorite dish while traveling through Malaysia! Not nearly as spicy as the original, but it's getting close!